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Nara Rohith - Interview


Nara Rohith has lost 20 kgs for his upcoming film ‘Balakrishnudu’. The film will be hitting theatres on the 24th of November. The actor talks about the film and more.

Elaborate on your role in Balakrishnudu?
I play a character called Balu, who will go any extent for money. You will see this character in a mischievous avatar. Coinciding you Krishna’s naughtiness we titled the film Balakrishnudu. It is a pucca commercial film. I haven’t done something like this before.

You have lost loads of weight…
Yeah, I have been trying to drop excess weight from a long time, but that has not happened. I could not concentrate on my weight as I was busy with shooting. But for Balakrishnudu I had to reduce weight. I went on a diet for five months and went to the gym regularly. Hence I was able to lose weight.

Are you looking at six pack next?
Not really. But you will see me in the look that is shown in the first look poster.

Why are you signing less films of late?
Last year five of my films released. I was so very busy that I could not even watch them in the theatres. My schedules were such and I was very busy. This year I want to focus on one film at a time.

Will Mental Madhilo clash with Balakrishnudu as they release on same day?
I doubt. Both films are of different genres. Mental Madhilo is a light hearted love story. My film is a pucca commercial one. I am pretty sure each has its own positives.

Tell us about your future films?
There is Atagallu in the direction of Paruchuri Murali. Also I have signed another film in the direction of Chaitanya Dantuluri.

Updated on April 18, 2020