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Dalia Mukherjee – Interview


She has chosen a genre that is not much written or spoken about. Dalia Mukherjee’s humble beginnings started in Hyderabad. There was no looking back for her from there and she made it big. Some personal problems took her back to Kolkata. Today she is doing what she loves the most and that is writing. Erotica is what she writes on. Her blogs have been very popular and in a short period of time it’s becoming a read for the youngsters.

Tell us about your tryst with Hyderabad?
I love this place and am grateful to the people who gave me an opportunity to work here. As a newcomer it was not easy for me. But I survived. Now I am based in Kolkata and I miss Hyderabad a lot.

Any plans of coming back?
I have some great plans for this city. Right now it’s too early to talk about it. In time I will disclose my plans.

You have chosen erotica, why so?
I always loved writing and wrote small pieces however never took it professionally as I never got the time to think over it. Being a mother of a small child and maintaining the current businesses I finally thought it’s time to venture this creative path. I chose erotica as I feel women should be free from the societies so called barriers. I also feel that equal importance of desires and feelings should be given to women as well. One can’t judge the character of a female just because she have had multiple relationships and it’s high time we accept that love doesn’t happen once in life.

Nayantara is the character that you are writing. Please elaborate?
Nayantara is a school girl who studies in a co-education school and thus has many suitors who like, adore her and as she grows she gets onto various situations in which she explores her needs and desires. She requests the society to be a little more open about their thought process and also requests men to stop taking women as a commodity.

Was being a single mother difficult?
Being a single mother has been the best thing. I have had very supportive friends and family though I still went by the questions of the society but I overcame those with pride.

Updated on April 18, 2020