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'Good Luck Sakhi' Director Nagesh Kukunoor Interview


Nagesh Kukunoor, a Hyderabad based director and actor, is making his Tollywood debut with the movie 'Good Luck Sakhi', starring Keerthy Suresh. After directing 15 films in Hindi and English in a career spanning 22 years, Nagesh is excited to make his Telugu debut finally with this movie, which also stars Aadhi Pinisetty, Jagapathi Babu among others. Kukunoor talks about why he has a special liking for Hyderabad, 'Good Luck Sakhi', Keerthy Suresh and more in this interview.

Fond Memories
I'm a Hyderabadi and I have fond memories of the city. I was born and brought up here. But since my father worked in the U.S., we moved there. I made my first film 'Hyderabadi Blues' in 1997. That film was like a family effort as my father was the production manager, my aunt worked as the costume designer and my mother was the cook for us.

On transition
Irrespective of what the result was, I consider making my first film as the single greatest achievement of my life. After working as a chemical engineer for many years, watching the first copy of my first film, I felt like I became a film maker and that feeling is unmatched. That transition from a chemical engineer to a director was incredible for me.

About Keerthy Suresh
Though I was brought up in Hyderabad and can speak Telugu, I can't read and write the language. I always wanted to do a Telugu movie but I wanted to be 100 percent sure of the language before making a film here. Knowing about the subject of 'Good Luck Sakhi', one of my friends from here suggested Keerthy Suresh's name.It has been a magical experience working with Keerthy Suresh. She is very calm and focused. She doesn't lose her cool no matter what the situation is.

Sports romedy
'Good Luck Sakhi' will be a sports romedy. Keerthy Suresh plays a rifle shooter from a village in the film. Aadhi Pinisetty plays a stage actor and Jagapathi Babu will be seen as a coach. We wanted a good village atmosphere and we have shot the film extensively in Vikarabad.

'Mahanati' is the only Telugu film I've watched in recent years. A friend of mine in U.S. suggested it and I also saw many women going to the film dressed like Savitri. I also watched the film out of curiosity and I liked it.

Directors K.Viswanath and Hrishikesh Mukherjee inspired me a lot. Hrishikesh has a great influence on me. 'Good Luck Sakhi' looks like a Hrishikesh Mukherjee film.

Updated on April 18, 2020