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'Aaviri' is not a horror film: Ravi Babu Interview


Ravi Babu's next, 'Aaviri', is going to release on 1st November. Dil Raju is presenting this movie, produced by Ravi Babu himself under Flying Frogs banner. Ravi babu has talked about the film in an interaction with the media.


Not a horror film
Not all the films in horror genre will be the same. There are many types of horror films. By the way, 'Aaviri' is not a horror film. It's a family thriller.

Inspired by that news article
When I was looking for a fresh subject to do a film, I read a news. It was about the rumours on collector Amrapali's house in Warangal getting haunted. I got the idea of this film then.

Didn't plan
We considered many actors for the role I played in the movie. But somehow, we weren't satisfied with anyone. It was then that writer Satyanand encouraged me to do the role myself.

On Dil Raju's entry
Dil Raju and I have been friends for a long time. We always wanted to team up for a movie but it didn't happen. We didn't plan to do 'Aaviri', but after watching the first copy of the film, Raju said that he liked it and wanted to release it. I always take care of the production of my films and producers come forward to present it after watching the first copy. My involvement ends with the first copy. Then after, I promote the film according to the producer's plan.

Learnt a lot
The post production work of 'Adhugo' took more than 2 years and obviously, I was saddened by the result. But I learnt a lot during the making of that movie.

Next movies
I'm waiting for the release of 'Aaviri' right now. I will think about my next only after its release.

Updated on April 18, 2020