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Pawan Kalyan wanted to do 'George Reddy': Sandeep Madhav Interview


'George Reddy' is going to release on 22nd November. Sandeep Madhav aka Sandy, who played George Reddy, talks about the film, his research, preparation for the role, Pawan Kalyan, how 'Vangaveeti' happened and more. Excerpts..

After Vangaveeti..
After 'Vangaveeti', I got many offers but no subject was in that level. When Jeevan Reddy approached me with this subject, I was excited and immediately agreed to do the film.

After I got into this project, I did a lot of research on George Reddy. I read books, articles about him and also watched a few videos. I met some of his classmates to know more about him. But I couldn't find much footage to know about his body language. We could only get a few of his photos and a speech. I prepared for this role based on that.

Because of RGV
After 'Jyothi Lakshmi', I thought I will get comedian roles. But unexpectedly, RGV said, "You look a lot like Vangaveeti Radha. Try for a look test". It was how I got that role.

Not completely a biopic
I can't say that everything in this biopic of George Reddy is true to life. Some commercial elements are added but they will look very natural. As George Reddy is a boxer and a student leader, the heroism comes naturally when visualized.

That's the difference
Compared to the present generation, 60's and 70's students used to be very matured and there would be seriousness in everything they did. Not only in George Reddy, that seriousness will also be seen in the students around him. As the film is in 1960s and 70s backdrop, we tried to create that atmosphere. We bought the cycles and bikes used in the movie. They were used during that period.

Not shot in OU
The trailer has received a huge response and after watching it, many thought the film was shot in Osmania University. But it's a set. It was designed to replicate how OU was in 60s.

Never felt that
After 'Vangaveeti', I took a gap of two years for this movie. I never felt that I missed out on doing more films because of this movie. I would have done some normal movies. But none of those films would have matched this.

Pawan Kalyan wanted to do it
Pawan Kalyan likes George Reddy a lot and I heard that he wanted to do this movie. So, we dedicated a song for him.

Bullet song
The Bullet song in this movie hasn't got much response as compared to the trailer. Because everyone thought that the song is not apt for this movie. But you will not get that feeling when you watch the movie.

Emotional scenes
After watching the movie, everyone will definitely get a feeling that we've lost a great soul. George Reddy even rejected an offer from ISRO. There are many such heart touching elements in the movie.

Updated on April 18, 2020