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'Arjun Suravaram' villain Tarun Arora interview


Actress Anjala Zaveri's husband, famous model Tarun Arora, who made his Telugu debut as villain with 'Khaidi No.150', has played the baddie in Nikhil's 'Arjun Suravaram'. Tarun has interacted with the Telugu media and shared his experiences working on the film and his journey.. 

Anjala Zaveri husband, Arjun Suravaram villain Tarun Arora interview Better version
I played a good role in 'Arjun Suravaram', the Telugu remake of Tamil movie, 'Kanithan'. I also played the villain in the original. The Tamil version mostly revolves around the hero and villain's characters. But other characters have also got importance in the Telugu version. Good sentiment has also been added and that has made a lot of difference to the movie. Everyone who watched it have said that this version is better.

Being stylish
I started my career as a model and so I make sure I look stylish in every film of mine. I also take care that it also reflects in my acting. I'm happy that I have been successful so far in that attempt.

Special connection
Language shouldn't be a barrier for acting. All that matters is the essence. Emotions are the same in any language. But I should learn the dialogues here well in advance as compared to Hindi, where it would suffice to learn them an hour before a scene is shot. I have a special connect with South Indian languages and places. I was born in Assam but studied in Chennai. I did modelling in Bangalore and went to Mumbai as I got some offers in Hindi films. Then after, I started getting offers in Telugu and came here. Wherever I go, I am considered as their own guy. Now I am being called as a South villain. I am happy with that recognition.

Love & marriage
Anjala and I fell in love when we were in Mumbai. I was a model then and she was doing South films. We met at an event and became good friends slowly. It was me who proposed first and we married eventually. We decided not to have kids. She never gives me advises related to acting. She enjoys watching my films.

Not satisfied
At one point of my career, I was not satisfied with the roles I was doing and went back to modelling. But I learnt a lot from those mistakes and those lessons are coming in handy now.

Anjala's comeback
Anjala wants to make a comeback now but she wants to do roles suitable for her at present. There are many actresses to do glamorous roles. We will reveal the details of her comeback film soon.

Updated on April 18, 2020