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Nivetha Thomas Interview: 'I am a confident and daring crime writer in V'


Nivetha Thomas is looking forward to the release of 'V' on Amazon Prime from September 5. In an interview, the 'Brochevarevaru' actress has spoken about her character, the experience of working on the movie and more.

 What is your character like in the movie? "I play Apoorva, a crime writer. When the director narrated the story to me, I was thrilled. Apoorva is obedient and at the same time daring and confident," the 'Gentleman' actress said. "Although we all would have loved to watch 'V' on the big screen, the circumstances are not feasible. 'V' should ideally be watched in a theatre. But we are glad that this is the first much-awaited movie to release directly on OTT," she added.

Talking abut Nani's character, she said, "I don't want to reveal much about Nani's character. The teaser and trailer of 'V' indicate that his character has got grey shades. You will know more when you watch the movie."

She enjoyed working with friends for the movie. "I have a personal rapport with my co-stars - Nani, Sudheer (Babu) and Aditi (Rao Hydari). So, it was great working with them on the thriller. As for the director (Mohanakrishna Indraganti), we all know that he is the best when it comes to choosing actors for different roles. I am glad that he felt I could do justice to the role." She further added, "Nani is a good friend of mine. I usually discuss with him the stories that are offered to me. And he to does it. Aditi is not only a sweet person but also a wonderful actress."

Nivetha is currently in talks for three movies. "I have listened to three scripts during the lockdown. I will talk about them later. As for debuting in OTT, I am open for it," the talented actress signed off.

Updated on August 30, 2020