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'Dirty Hari' will change my career: Simrat Kaur


Simrat Kaur has played a bold role in 'Dirty Hari', written and directed by MS Raju. The film releases on December 18 on Friday Movies ATT.

In her latest interview, the young actress talks about how she played the bold character, why she has high hopes from the movie, working experience with MS Raju and more.

Jasmine is ambitious

My character's name is Jasmine in the movie. In my previous movies, I have done traditional roles. Jasmine, on the other hand, is bold not only in terms of romance but also in terms of being ambitious. In real life, I am shy and tomboyish. This character is classy and feminine. But for MS Raju sir, I wouldn't have been able to do the movie. Getting to work with him itself was a big victory, given he has worked with the likes of Prabhas and Mahesh Babu in the past.

Feared doing kissing scenes

The story of 'Dirty Hari' is not routine. When the director said that I will have to do kissing scenes, I got apprehensive. He told me to leave the real me and get into the skin of the character, without which I can't be called a good actress. Jasmine in the movie is a Christian girl, who is quite liberal.

A co-operative co-star

Shravan Reddy is quite professional. He is very much focused. MS Raju sir used to make us sit and understand the emotions. And Shravan would help me out with the dialogues. He is a Telugu and I am a non-Telugu.

Kissing scenes have become common

I injected the dialogues into my body to be able to pull off the role. MS Raju sir took me to set and asked me to observe what others are doing. If I keep doing only family roles, I wouldn't be able to expand my horizons. Kissing scenes are commonplace in Bollywood. A generation of cine-goers is emerging. My family members have supported me way too much in my journey.

Kissing scenes were not easy

There are always 70-80 people on set. Everyone was curious during the making of kissing scenes. It inconvenienced me and I requested the director to shoo away those who are not required to be present on set. Raju sir played songs to help me get into the mood of the scene.

First flop put me in a dilemma

After 'Parichayam', I thought I won't do movies. I am quite emotional. I was doing graduation and left it mid-way to do my first movie. It was a gamble. After the film flopped, I was in a dilemma. My family backed me and told me not to give up so easily. It was at that time that MS Raju sir came like an angel and offered 'Dirty Hari'.

Want to do content-driven films

As an actor, I am open to any platform, provided the character is good. I am looking for strong scripts, which have content in them. Things are changing of late, with content-oriented movies getting traction.

Learning acting

I haven't been to an acting school. Working with MS Raju sir helped me understand the intricacies and technicalities of acting. I got to learn so many things from him.

Next big thing

In my opinion, I can be the next big thing in the movie industry. I have watched the movie and it's great. 'Dirty Hari' will help me go places. I want to play a sportsperson because I have participated in Karate championships at the national level. I would love to play myself in a biopic (laughs).

Favourite Telugu actors

Nagarjuna sir is the first actor whom I started liking a lot. After watching the dubbed Hindi versions of his films like 'Don', I wanted to meet him someday. I find Mahesh Babu sir extremely charming. He is so handsome even in his 40s. Allu Arjun sir is my other favourite.

Updated on December 15, 2020