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'Mr & Miss' is a youthful entertainer: Actor Sailesh Sunny


'Mr & Miss', starring Sailesh Sunny and Gnaneswari Kandregula, is directed by Ashok Reddy. The crowd-funded movie will release in theatres on January 29.

Sailesh Sunny said, "I have always been passionate about acting. After completing my Engineering, I tried to do short films. When I did my first film in Engineering, I received so much appreciation. I joined Wipro even as I continued to pursue my acting interests. Coming to 'Mr & Miss', this is a feature film version of a short film of the same name. The screenplay and twists and turns in the short film are different. In the feature film, we have made changes. It's about whether the lead pair find a missing mobile phone."

"My character in the movie hails from a village. The heroine is a fashion girl. We were paired up in the short film 'Mr & Miss', too. I have known her for four years. When a friend of my director lost his mobile phone, he was witness to his many difficulties. Inspired by it, he wrote a plot point," the hero said.

"Yaswanth Nag has given superb music. All the songs are going to be cool in the movie," Sailesh added.

The film has editing is by Karthik Cuts. Lyrics are by Pawan Rachepalli. Art Direction is by Kareesh Kumar. Cinematography is by Siddham Manohar. Music is by Yashwant Nag. Dialogues and screenplay are by Sudheer Varma. It is directed by Ashok Reddy.

Updated on January 21, 2021