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Interview of Muskan Sethi on 'RadhaKrishna'


'RadhaKrishna' will release on February 5. Ahead of its release, actress Muskan Sethi of 'Paisaa Vasool' has spoken about the movie, her character in it and more.

It's a very very different role that you don't get to see in south Indian movies. It's a cute love story set in the village backdrop. It also has a social message. My character wants to make her grandmother's dream come true. She engages in the handicrafts industry. I would say that it's a heroine-oriented film. It's the toughest character I have played.

The character has got a wide graph. She carries the movie on her shoulders. In terms of dialogue delivery, there is a lot of range. At times, I had to give 25 to 30 takes till the director was satisfied. That way, it was very challenging for me. I had to mouth long Telugu lines.

Whoever has watched the film, my performance has touched them. That means a lot to me.

We stayed in a guesthouse in Nirmal. For someone who is so used to city life, it was not easy. The sleeping hours were constricted due to the tough schedule. We were living in a simple place for 45 days.

Anurag is a very sweet co-actor. He is very down-to-earth and affectionate.

There is a lot of detailing with regards to the crafts in the movie. Handicrafts are much more expensive than machine-made ones. It's not mass-produced from China. I was in awe of the talent of the artisans in Nirmal.

Although they are new, the producers are very passionate about the project. They were very helpful, and worked like a family. It was an emotional journey. I am very lucky that they gave me a beautiful role and treated me like a family member.

Lakshmi Parvathy garu is super knowledgeable. And it's an absolute pleasure to work with someone with so much knowledge. She is a very nice person.

My film 'Maha Prasthanam', which is my fourth Telugu project, will release soon. Due to covid last year, I couldn't accept a new movie. I am waiting for the audience's response to 'RadhaKrishna'.  

Updated on February 4, 2021