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Interview of Hari Prasad Jakka about 'Play Back'


Writer-director Hari Prasad Jakka awaits the release of 'Play Back' this week (March 5). In this interview, the filmmaker talks about the concept on which the thriller is based, what to expect from it and more.

The title 'Play Back' is the short form of 'play your life back'. I was a Physics lecturer before entering the film industry. This is not a time-travel film. A character from 1993 talks with a character living in the present.

There are so many movies worldwide that touch upon the concept of cross-time connection. I must have watched many Korean, Spanish, English movies. I know something like 100 movies based on the concept. After watching my movie, you can watch those movies. 'Play Back' is an original story. I have also used a physical principle.

This is not a complicated movie. Even a layman will understand it easily. Although we have taken cinematic liberties, the screenplay is tight. On the basis of the concept, I could conceive 4 stories. There must be at least 15 stories based on the concept just in Tollywood.

My first film 'Darsakudu' flopped. After I read the reviews, I realized that it was not my kind of movie. I shouldn't have made the movie.

I chose the actors in such a way that they don't dominate the character. I liked Dinesh Tej in 'Husharu' and Ananya Nagalla in 'Mallesham'. There are others, too, in 'Play Back'.

The movie was to be released last April. Due to the pandemic, it got delayed. Whatever may be the concept, if there is emotional heft, the film will strike a chord with the audience.

I haven't experimented too much in making this movie. It's a songless movie that is 138-minutes long. Since it has got no star actors, you wouldn't feel bad about it.

The background music is a major highlight of the movie. This offers a big theatre experience. We will go for OTT streaming after the theatrical run.

Updated on March 4, 2021