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Interview of Kajal Aggarwal about 'Mosagallu'


Kajal Aggarwal awaits the release of 'Mosagallu' on March 19. In this interview, she talks about the film, her character, working with Manchu Vishnu, her upcoming movies, married life and more.

I didn't step out of my house for a full year. I was working 24/7 before the pandemic. I am very happy to be back at work.

'Mosagallu' is a new genre for me. It's a challenge. I enjoy doing regular commercial roles. But this one is quite different. The story is different. It's about a really big scam that a brother-sister duo pull off sitting in the slums of Mumbai, affecting the US. The story is fictionalized and is set in Hyderabad, though.

To be honest, I didn't think too much about my playing Manchu Vishnu's sister. I am the mastermind behind the entire scam in the movie. For me, it was exciting. I asked Vishnu whether the audience would accept both of us as siblings.

Vishnu never behaved like a producer while on set. The film was shot in actual locations to lend authenticity.

It feels great to reach the pan-Indian audience with a film like 'Mosagallu'. This is not my first pan-Indian movie, though.

My husband is very supportive. As of now, there is no work-life balance. I am doing backlog films that I was supposed to do last year itself. After this phase, I will be selective.

Jeffrey Chin is not an Indian director, whose technique of edits is different from the Indian style. Doing 'Mosgallu', therefore, was like doing theatre. The whole thing was first done in English and then in Telugu. It was a nice experience.

I am shooting for 'Acharya'. I am working with Nagarjuna sir on an action film. I will be doing two Tamil films as well.

Digital can be very tricky. I shot for the digital debut (referring to 'Live Telecast') in 2019. When it was supposed to release in 2020, it got delayed. By the time it released, there was a flood of releases on OTT. So, it got lost in the din. When I heard the story, I thought it was an interesting story. But the technical output could have been better.

I love how possessive and caring my fans are about me. I will be hosting a show for an OTT platform soon.

Talking about my husband, he is not a morning person. In contrast, I am a pucca morning person who wakes up with a spring in the foot.

My husband felt very touched when Chiranjeevi sir welcomed us on the sets of 'Acharya'. He didn't know anything about how actors work on the sets of the film. So, he found it strange that day.

I think I have already started breaking the mould. 'AWE' and 'Sita' were attempts to break stereotypes. 'Mosagallu' is different. With time, breaking the typecasting will happen by itself. It feels amazing when an experiment works.

I took my mother into confidence about marrying Gautham. My father had an inkling. Multi-tasking is a big deal for married women. Full respect to all women.  

Updated on March 16, 2021