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Interview of Dia Mirza about 'Wild Dog'


Dia Mirza will be seen as Akkineni Nagarjuna's wife in 'Wild Dog', which will release on April 2. In this interview, she talks about working with Nag, her role in the movie and more.

I was in Mumbai when the team of 'Wild Dog' approached me. I read the script and loved it. Three things matter a lot before I commit to a project, especially if it is not my language: The script, the energy of the director, and the team. Nag sir is someone I have loved all my life. His sister is a good friend of my parents. My mother used to talk about Nag sir at home.

We didn't have workshops. I started shooting for the film directly. The film is not about the relationship between my and Nag sir's character. In real life, I met Nag sir for the first time in 20 years. In this film, too, our association is 20 years old. Saiyami Kher has got a very good role.

Every action thriller needs a heart. 'Wild Dog' has got a heart in terms of a track. The film is about unsung heroes who have their own families. They have real connections like we all do.

I have so much respect for Nag sir and Amala ji, who knows about my work as a wildlife conservation ambassador. In many ways, we are very similar people. It becomes easy to form connections with similar people.

'Wild Dog' was shot in a lot of places in India. When you see the film, you will understand why.

I have grown up in the film industry, literally. I was 19 when I debuted in films. My understanding of people and the world comes from here. I am happy that I am able to do so much good work outside cinema. That gives me so much joy.

I don't believe in linguistic barriers when it comes to cinema. Some really amazing work is happening in industries like Telugu.

I think OTT is crucial both for our progress and survival. There are so many story-tellers, artists, editors who are getting opportunities because of OTT. Up until now, OTT has been a very democratic platform. There are no restrictions or fears that are box-office-related. There should be guidelines but censorship is an undemocratic thing. It's regressive.

Even movies don't deserve censorship. CBFC is a certification board. There have to be guidelines and nothing beyond that. Viewers should have the choice to say 'yes' or 'no' to a film. They don't need spoon-feeding.

I have grown up loving a lot of actors in Telugu. Nag sir and Venky sir are two people I have always dreamt of working with. Half my dream stands fulfilled.

Updated on March 30, 2021