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Interview of Karthi about 'Sulthan'


Karthi awaits the release of 'Sulthan' on April 2. In this interview, he talks about what is unique about the movie, competing with Nagarjuna's 'Wild Dog', working with Rashmika Mandanna and more.

There are differences between people within a family. Is it surprising that one hundred rowdies, when they are together, had fights? That's what is the premise of 'Sulthan'. I have played a Robotics Engineer who is given the task of keeping the one hundred rowdies from fighting within six months. My character doesn't know how to fight. He is not trained. How he accomplishes the film is the crux of the film.

In 'China Babu', each member of the family is cut from a different cloth. In 'Sulthan', it's like I have one hundred elder brothers with their own share of idiosyncrasies. There is humour, there is romance, there is action - every element is enjoyable.

OTT was an easy option. Although there were OTT offers, we didn't take them up. But 'Sulthan' is a big film, it's like a festival. I have watched the film four times in the past week. Yet, it didn't bore me.

'Sulthan' was to release in January for Sankranthi. It's now releasing on the day of elections in Tamil Nadu. Although it's a bit risky, we have no other option.

Since more than a hundred people were there on the sets of the film, it was not easy to shoot the film. It was not clear as to whose emotions should be captured. Even a small scene would take a huge location. A large house set was erected. At least six to seven characters are very significant.

Malayalam actor Lal has played my foster father. He is a Muslim who adopts me in the film. My nickname is Sulthan in the movie.

I like commercial films, I like an 'Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo', Iranian films. Doing 'Kashmora' was very exciting. It had a superb storyline. Same goes for 'Sulthan', which piques a unique brother sentiment.

Mani Ratnam sir's 'Ponniyan Selvan' will be an epic film. I enjoy acting in a variety of films.

When I landed in Hyderabad, the first thing I did was to call up director Vamshi Paidipally and Nagarjuna sir. I told Nag sir that I would like to meet him if he is free. I am thankful that he wished 'Sulthan' all the best the other day despite his 'Wild Dog' releasing on the same date.

'Sulthan' is the first time that Rashmika Mandanna has played a village girl in the film. She really enjoyed playing the role. She was always on time and ready with her dialogues.

I will not do a web series if the content is not unique.  

Updated on March 30, 2021