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Puri Jagannadh speaks about ‘Neninthe’ which is going to get released in another few hours from now.


‘Neninthe’ is going to be yet another movie carrying the fire brand image of Puri Jagannadh. In a casual chat with him he conveys that the producer was the only person spared by him from criticism in this movie, specifying that the producer is the only poor soul in the whole process of making a film. He aptly selected Ravi Teja to do a role which was his original job profile in his real life. With Ravi Teja’s talent well proven, this role is going to be a ‘Jewel in his Crown’. Siya is the female lead in the film. Produced by DVV Danayya under Universal Media, this film is due for world wide release on December 18, 2008.

What is all ‘Neninthe’ about?
It is a film about the film industry. It is a story about a young man who strives to become a director from an assistant director. I’ve shown the struggles of the people in film industry and I also projected the mistakes committed by few people in the industry.  Although the film runs in the backdrop of film industry, every person who is struggling hard in his life will identify himself with the character portrayed by Ravi Teja in this film.

How Ravi Teja is characterized in the film?
His characterization is very natural.  It is emotional but at the same time does not expose its emotions. This character will exhibit the right kind of maturity in such a way that he concentrates on the goal and ignores the hurdles on the way even if it happens to be from his close associates. But at the same time, he knows to identify the limits and remove the thorns from his path.

Is there any resemblance of true incidences related to Ravi Teja in this film?
Yes, of course. There are few hard time incidents related to Ravi Teja and me.

Can you give us an idea about the other characters that you are portraying in the film?
A star hero by name Mallik was played by Subba Raju. Brahmanandam plays the director, Shayaji Shinde, the producer, president of fan’s association was played by Sairam Shankar and Mumaith Khan, as usual plays the role of an item girl.

We heard that there are some controversial scenes related to heroes and fans. Is it true?
Yes! There are satires on everyone, especially, the film discusses about the review writers and that of those who read them. Except the producer’s character I’ve shown the positive and negative aspects of all other characters. Because, producer is the only person who is currently undergoing pains from all directions. Hence I respect him a lot. After viewing this movie I’m confident that the fans will realize the effect of their reaction for any movie.

Is it true that RGV is planning to remake Neninthe in Hindi?
I’ve shown few scenes to Ram Gopal Varma which I feel have impressed him. I believe he has firm plans to remake this film in Hindi with Abhishek Bachchan in the main lead if the film becomes a hit.

What impression would ‘Neninthe’ create about the film industry to the audience?
‘Neninthe’ will only increase the respect on film industry but never degrades it.  I know about the struggles of the people in Krishna Nagar since I lived there for few months.  Hence their stories will be shown in a song and the lyrics penned by Bhaskara Bhatla have aptly suited the stories in Krishna Nagar. The presence of a few characters directly from Krishna Nagar is the specialty of this song. The characters in this film are so real that as I said before, the people, especially the industry people will identify themselves with some character or other.

What is your answer to those women activists who are protesting against the film’s wall posters?
I am challenging them to stop other women from watching the film ‘Neninthe’ in the first week of film’s release. As far as I am concerned there is no obscene in the film’s wall posters as I never exploit the heroines in my films.

You seem to be a message oriented director. Is there yet another project on the cards?
There is one project which I‘ve been thinking to do for quite some time. With the title ‘I love India’ and the tagline being ‘I hate Indians’.  I want to project today’s citizens, how irresponsible the Indian citizens react at various circumstances.

We are keen to know about the subject you are going to deal with, in Pawan Kalyan’s film?
Actually, I’ve two subjects in mind. Both are equally interesting. I’ve already narrated the first one which is in media backdrop.  Pawan too liked it a lot. But we will be able to decide on either subject after Pawan listens to second one also.

When would you start this project?
As you all know, my next project is with Sairam Shankar which was launched recently. I’m also preparing a script for Pawan Kalyan, whose project would be launched in March and completed within four months.

Ram Gopal Varma is also dealing with media subject. Is it a remake of his ‘Rann’ by any chance?
No no!  Both have no resemblance at all.  They are entirely two different stories.

When is your next film with Mahesh Babu?
We are yet to plan a schedule for it. But definitely there is one project with him which would be produced by Soundarya Rajinikanth.

Lastly, are you satisfied with the output of ‘Neninthe’?
Absolutely! This is one film which I got cent percent job satisfaction. Afterall, from the past three years I had this subject in mind and today it is in the form of a film.

Updated on April 25, 2020