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Anil Krishna speaks about his life before and after joining the film industry


Debutant director Anil Krishna whose first movie ASADHYUDU is ready for release this month, was given this break by the film’s hero Kalyan Ram. In an interview with Ragalahari, this young up coming director speaks about his life before and after joining the film industry.

Q: Tell us bout your background?
A: I come from a small village near Tenali. I lived with my maternal grand mother. I attended school there itself.

Q: Your educational qualifications?
A: I joined B.Com there (at Tenali).but half way through college I came here (Hyderabad). I completed B.Com here and only recently finished with MBA.

Q: How come this interest in films?
A: There was a film parlor beside my grandmother’s home. So almost everyday my friends and I used to watch movies there. And if it was a Sundays then we would be there for all the three shows. I started analyzing movies that time. You know like ‘it would have been nice to shoot this scene this way’ and things like that. When I joined B.Com, I thought that I might as well pursue the career I am interested in, that is films. Then I came down to Hyderabad.

Q: Whose movies inspired you?
A: I used to watch a lot of Krishna’s movies when I was a kid. I like him a lot.

Q: When did you join the film industry? Did you work as an associate with another director?
A: It’s been six years since I joined the industry. Initially I struggled a lot. Did not find a decent job either. Then I started doing a small job at Ramoji Film City. At that time some of  my friends introduced me to the producer of the movie SAMPANGI, Kalyan Venkatesh. That way I was taken on for his next project, MANDARAM. But since the direction team was already full, I went into the production side. And also did a small role in the movie. Unfortunately the movie did not release. After that I decided to do a course in film. So I left for Mumbai. But could not stay there, for more than two to three months, because of financial reasons.

Q: Usually people from the villages are quite apprehensive of the film industry? How did your parents agree to you joining the industry?
A: Yes people there are apprehensive of this industry. But I am the only child and my parents never denied me anything that I wanted.  They just told me not to leave anything half way. And to be professional in anything I do. They always encouraged me.

Q: Tell us about your stay in Mumbai?
A: Like I said I joined an institute in Mumbai but could not stay there for more than two to three months. Then one of my uncles took me to one person they know and told them that I had some good thoughts. It was at that time that I thought of these stories. I made up three stories at that time.

Q: You wrote ASADHYUDU at that time? How long ago was it?
A: Yes. I wrote the story for ASADHYUDU at that time. It was, I think, three years ago. At that time it was named Parthu, after the character in the movie. But after I came here, we had to make a few changes after that I was named as ASADHYUDU.

Q: The title of Kalyan Ram’s previous movie ATANOKKADE came across as a one man story. So does the title ASADHYUDU. Is it deliberate?
A: No. there is no such thing. The title was chosen because it was apt for the story line. While ATANOKADE, as the title suggests, was a movie based on the emotion of a single person, in ASADHYUDU, the hero represents the normal man in various forms. You know as a son, as a lover, as a friend etc. all kinds of emotions are shown in this movie.

Q: What does ASADHYUDU try to make possible in this movie?
A: Every thing (Smiles). Normally movies, such as this are based on personal revenge. But our hero is not like that. A hero is a person who fights for society at large. He is a good citizen. And this is not a faction movie but an action movie.

Q: What is the story based on?
A: The story is based on the events of our normal life. It is an episode from a person’s life. You know, how he behaves with his lover. How he goes out and fights. The story has a lot of twists. The hero is most concerned about his family. He does not interfere in other’s matters nor does he take it lightly if some body interferes in his. But if he does get involved in a matter, he takes it to the extreme. He himself is surprised at the kind of turns and twists his life takes.

Q: How did you get this opportunity?
A: I narrated this story to quite a few people. Then I narrated the story to Nannapaneni Annarao form N.V.S.Creations he liked the story but said that he did not have any plans to make a film as of now. But said that he would refer me to a friend of his, Sunkara Madhumurali. He also liked the story and asked me to develop it more. He further referred me to Valluripalli Ramesh. After I narrated the story to him he said that he wanted me to make three more changes. but both Madhumurali and Valluripalli Ramesh were busy with their film (Danger and Pandem, respectively). I did not want to delay the movie any further so I approached another producer who spoke to Puneet Rajkumar (Kannada). He also liked the story. This happened in January. Mean while Valluripalli Ramesh called me and asked me to talk to Kalyan Ram about the story. I agreed immediately, because the story was written for him. I went and met Kalyan Ram and in just one sitting he agreed to do the movie.

Q: You said previously that some changes were made. What kind of changes were made?
A: We had to make changes keeping in mind the image Kalyan Ram has following the success of ATANOKADE. The story wasn’t changed. The hero’s character was elevated with minor changes that is all the output is excellent.

Q: Any special dialogues for the hero?
A: There are special dialogues for the hero. Like there are in any NTR or Balakrishna movies. But they are not over done. They are just right as per the scene and the story.

Q: Who is the heroine of the movie?
A: She is a new girl. She worked previously in a couple of Tamil movies. Her name is Diya Sharma.

Q: How does the love story start?
A: That is the suspense during the first half of the movie. Nobody knows why she is following the hero. The suspense is relieved just before the interval.

Q: Tell us about the music of the film?
A: The music of the film has been scored by Chakri. He has composed amazing tunes for this film. I laughingly used to tell him that this is a mass movie and people should not feel as if he (Chakri ) has composed the music. Because the music of their (Ramesh and Chakri) films was the melodious kinds.

Q: What was the response to the music?
A: The music has been declared a super hit. I am happy with kind of response the music has got.

Q: When is the film being released?
A: It will be released on Feb 16th.

Q: Normally when a film is being directed by a new director many producers eye him. And if good are usually offered film before the first is released. So are there any new projects for you?
A: That is true. When I started this project. Many people approached me because they wanted to know why my story was chosen out of so many stories. Good producers have approached me. But nothing has been finalized as yet.

Q: Are you doing a movie with Puneet Rajkumar? Will he be working on the same story?
A: No. By the time I started with this movie, He was already working on another project.

Q: What about the other two stories?
A: They are still in the developing stage. At present I have only ASADHYUDU on my mind. Nothing else right now.

Q: Your ambition?
A: To be a good director.

Q: Who is your favorite director?
A: I used to watch a lot of Alfred Hitchcock movies. I like suspense movies a lot. In Telugu like Verma’s films a lot. He is really good.

Q: So we can expect suspense in ASADHYUDU and also a suspense movie from you in the future?
A: Sure. ASADHYUDU has elements of suspense in it and I will work on a suspense movie in the future.

Q: Who are your favorite hero and heroine?
A: I like every body. Nothing like a favorite hero and heroine. I watch all the movies.

Q: In the recent times whose direction did you like?
A:  Puri Jagannadh. He is good.

Updated on April 25, 2020