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Ram Lakshman Press Meet

“Mother’s Day is celebrated worldwide to show their appreciation towards mothers and Father’s Day is celebrated worldwide to recognize the contribution that fathers and father figures make to the lives of their children. But there is no special day for honouring cinema, which is takes everyone into hands irrespective of language, age, caste and religion. We wish all bigheads in the industry should thing about it and assign one special day for cinema and all artists and technicians who belongs to different 24 crafts in film industry should wear the same dress code irrespective of their social status. We have a strong desire to celebrate the Cinema Day like a grand festival. We request the bigwigs in the film industry to make a start on the aforementioned proposal,” said senior Fight Masters Ram-Lakshman at a press meet which was held at Film Chamber in Hyderabad.

“We entered into the film industry as fight masters when we are in challenging situations. We climbed the ladder of success. Film industry has given lot of support. When we questioned ourselves that what we did in return for the industry, there is no answer. Therefore we got an idea to assign a special day for honouring cinema. Today, we are revealing our idea to everyone through media. We hope, bigheads in the industry will think about it and assign a special day for cinema too,” they added.