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Art in Situ at Kalakriti Art Gallery

Kalakriti Art Gallery is bringing together a range of artistic expressions by putting up a coveted line-up of close to 28 artworks of 22 prominent and contemporary artists of the Art Residency conducted by Krishnakriti Foundation from past three years. The show is titled as 'Art in situ". The word 'Situ' literally means on site", "on the premises" or "an appropriate position" to describe an event where it takes place. The exhibition showcases the works of 22 artists including Jogen Chowdhury, Muhammad Zeeshan, Suju Kunal, Sonjay Malakar, Purnna Behera, Mrinmoy Debbarma, Yassine Balbziom, Janarthanan Reddy, Riya Chatterjee, Samistha Kar, Dominique Paulin, Saju Kunhann, Dimple Shah, Sreeju Radhakrishnan, P Yogeesh Naik, Anupama Alias, Anindita Chakraborty, Rachana Badrakia, Muktinath Mondal and artists from Nepal Asha Dangol, Koshal Hamal, Sushma Shakya and Anil Shahi.

JOGEN CHOWDHURY the genius of lines and master of the intriguing pen and ink strokes accentuating the contours of the human anatomy complemented by his unique style of cross hatches impresses any art connoisseur. His images leave an indelible impression, lucid yet didactic in its statement. Chowdhury's bold unbroken lines follow a rhythmic pattern much like poetry which lends a simple yet complex charm to his artworks. He addresses his art with a significant degree of freedom and unselfconscious abandon, thereby infusing it with playful, exuberant forms.

MUHAMMAD ZEESHAN multi-disciplinary practice explores themes of violence, social unrest, and political depravity in a global scale. Zeeshan received his training in miniature painting from the National College of Arts in Lahore, Pakistan. While his oeuvre now includes video, collage, drawing, and installation, his hallmark is still his delicate attention to detail and an ability to execute fine line work. An overarching theme in Zeeshan's work is the evocation of symbolic associations through the use of certain images. He received his bachelor's degree in miniature painting from the National College of Art in Lahore. He has exhibited internationally since 2003, including at Rohtas II Gallery, Lahore; Anant Art Gallery, New Delhi; National Art Gallery, Islamabad; Thomas Erben Gallery, New York; Aicon Gallery, New York; and Galerie Chapps, Paris. In 2007 he received a Charles Wallace Scholarship, and his work is included in the collections of the Fukouka Asian Art Museum, Japan and the Austrian Consulate, Lahore, amongst others. The artist lives and works in Lahore.

ASHA DANGOL A multidisciplinary artist, his works engage with concerns of urbanization, consumerism, and ecology. He has been practicing and creating arts and paintings and has been exhibiting his artworks since 1992. He has had 10 solo exhibitions and one retrospective show in Nepal and has been exhibited in USA, Dubai, Netherlands, Germany, France, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Japan, South Korea and Belgium. He collaborates with sculptors, architects, musician, poets, dramatists and photographers, experimenting with mixed media, installation, painting, ceramics, performance, video and interactive artworks to convey his ideas. He has participated in national and international art camps and residency programs and has participated in the 1st and 2nd Kathmandu International Art Festivals.

He has several awards to his credit. He holds the responsibility of Treasurer in 'Prashanta Memorial Society' and Coordinator for Artist Proof Gallery and Artist-in-Jomsom. He is also the member of 'Nepal Academy of Fine Arts', 'Young Artists Group' and 'Artists' Society of Nepal'. He lives and works in Kathmandu.

KOSHAL HAMAL works in several medium such as paintings, sculptures, and video. Born in 1988 in Mugu, Nepal, received BFA (2011), MA in Art; Design from Beacon House National University, Lahore (2014), on a South Asia Foundation Scholarship. Hamal's work was awarded as one of the best awards for young artists by Lahore Art Council (2012). Hamal's works have been selected in several South Asian art exhibitions nationally and internationally including "National Art Exhibition", Kathmandu (2006), "POLYPTYCH" SAARC Exhibition, Lahore (2008).

He has also participated in the "South Asian Documentary Photography Exhibition", Lahore (2010), "New Selections: South Asia", Thomas Erben Gallery, New York (2012), "Day After Tomorrow", Alhambra Art Gallery, Lahore (2012) and "South Asian Artists: Imagining Our Future Together", Dhaka, New Delhi, Washington D.C. (2012), Co Creative Connections 4, Galeria Geraldes Da Silva Rua Santo lldefonso, Portugal (2015). Hamal currently teaches at Tribhuvan University, Fine Art Campus.

SUSHMA SHAKYA is a conceptual artist from Patan, Nepal. She obtained a Master's Degree from Tribhuvan University in Business Administration. After realizing her potential and passion for art she changed paths and gained a Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts from Kathmandu University. Since thenshehas been actively involved in the Art field. She has participated in many international exhibitions in: China, Japan, Canada, The United States, Australia, Sweden, and Bangladesh. Sushma Shakya has wonseveralawardsincludingthe "Himalayan Artist Award 2009," from the Australian Himalayan Foundation, "Special Award on Woodcut 2013," from The National Exhibition of Fine Arts, and from Folk Arts Department in The Nepal Academy of Fine Arts. Sushma Shakya works in many different mediums: painting, printmaking, video, installation, and sculpture

ANIL SHAHI, works as a visiting faculty at Kathmandu University. He has exhibited at the Nepal Art Council. In 2011 and 2012 he took part in National Art Exhibition. He has Participated in the Collaborative Installation: Resting stops an alternative pilgrimage, with Pepon Osorio 2012, Artist unite support of flood relief 2014 at Siddhartha Art gallery. He is recipient of Prashanta Memorial Scholarship Award 2014, The Australian Himalayan Foundation Art Award and held his first solo exhibition at Siddhartha Art gallery in 2014.

MUKTINATH MONDAL works emerge as a personal response to my immediate environment, the diversity of cultures and ecological transmutation in landscapes around. These definitely enrich the range of representation and imagery in his work. His painting depict symbol of his inheritance. The objects used are metaphorically in his painting to represent the excommunicated that are still considered to be in dark age, desolate and helpless and struggling for survival. He had pursued BFA, Indira Kala Sangeet Viswa Vidyalaya, Chhattisgarh and MFA (Gold Medal), University of Hyderabad.

The Kalakriti Residency offers an opportunity to artists to embed with Kalakriti India and re-invent themselves. Theonly residency program in Hyderabad, theresidencyprovidesstudiospace, accommodation, professional networking opportunities and an intellectually stimulating environment for practitioners of fine-arts. The residency always culminates in a show of works at the famed Kalakriti Art Gallery. Located at Banjara Hills, in the heart of the upmarket residential and commercial district of Hyderabad, the Residency Villa is set in a quiet lane that is surrounded by greenery and serenity. Cacophony in the form of bursting city life is only a few minutes away by walk.

Kalakriti India sponsors the cost of accommodation and essential services. Artists only have to take care of their commuting, materials and meals. The residency is a short walk from Kalakriti Art Gallery, Kalakriti Archives and the Gallery Cafe. The residency also offers a kitchen where artists can make their own arrangements. Unfettered access to the resources of Kalakriti India Including archives, exhibitions provide an opportunity for artists to be invigorated and Inspired. Network opportunities prove to be Invaluable for the career of the professional artists. Few residency programmes In India offer as much freedom and opportunity for an artist to excel.
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