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Elbit Medical Diagnostics Sports Medicine Speciality Clinic Announcement


Elbit launches Sports Medicine speciality clinic with renowned sports medicine specialist helming it!

Hyderabad, March 31th, 2017: Elbit Medical Diagnostics announced the launch of a Sports Medicine speciality clinic - Sports Nutrition and Fitness Nutrition Clinic, at its new facility on Road number 12, Banjara Hills. Mr Kannan Perumal, COO, Elbit Medical Diagnostics; Prof Maj Dr S Bakhtiar Choudhary, renowned city based Senior Sports Medicine Specialist; Dr Adithya Shetty, well known fitness trainer and former founder to Zela life health clubs & Dr B Sujeeth Kumar, General Surgeon, briefing media said, this first of its kind clinic will offer comprehensive Sports Medicine care in the city, at a Press Conference on Friday at Elbit Medical Diagnostic, Banjara Hills.

Senior Sports medicine, Fitness and Nutrition consultants with enormous experience and expertise will extend the latest care in sports medicine to Junior and senior players from all sports disciplines, Martial artists, Adventure enthusiasts, Modern & Classical Dancers. The Clinic will counsel and guide sports persons to a successful sporting career, help achieve their full potential, protect them against & minimise sporting injuries, aid to remain at the peak of the performance and prolong their career.

Whv This Clinic now?

People often ask why India is not getting many Olympic medals. It's not easy to get such, because it needs serious team work for more than a decade without getting disturbed. Hyderabad Is having more than 30,000 serious players from all fields i.e. Distance Running, Cricket, Tennis, Badminton, Table tennis, swimming, cycling other sports and adventure activities. Sports persons from different disciplines need suitable modifications of advice in their diets.

Modern research shows that many players including National teams are having medical problems due to Undernourishment, Micronutrient deficiency and Food Supplemental habits. Players do not know how much water to drink, when to add sugar and salt and other electrolytes. There are many experts who advice sports nutrition to players; doctors, dieticians, coaches and trainers.

One needs to travel with different teams and understand their native habits, regional food, game needs, to advice authentically. Google also is full of confusion and lastly "somebody" who advises everybody. Food is completely changed. There are many myths such as proteins, vegetarian food, food for muscle supplement powders etc

Sports children need very special advice because their advice should address

Nutrition for growth

Nutrition for high performance

Nutrition for recovery

Nutrition for girl players

Need of the hour

We need to comprehensively assess the

  • Body-composition
  • Fat and lean muscle mass assessment
  • Goal setting for weight management
  • Monitoring
  • Periodisation for competition nutrition
  • Specific Nutrition for Power sports, Endurance sports, Racket games, contact sports & Skill games

Who can do?

Prof Maj Dr S Bakhtiar Choudhary a renowned city based senior sports medicine doctor with his team is going to manage this special clinic.

He has travelled as a sports doctor with many National and International Teams and advised nutrition for peak performance along with injury, fitness & training management to world class players like

Mike Gating and other England cricketers


Xeno Muller

Indian Marathoners

Indian Hockey team

Athletic teams


Rowing team to Asian games 1994 Deccan Chargers

Several young players of TT, tennis and cricket are his wards. Currently his student Saket Myeneni is part of the Indian Tennis team.

Dr Bakhtiar, former founder Director of Apollo College of Physiotherapy, Apollo Obesity clinic (then) has published many original research papers in India and abroad on players, house wives, school children and written more than 1000 articles. Made TV programmes more than 500 on health issues. He interviewed world class athletes like Carl Lewis, Marilyn Ottey and Emmanuel Tuffour on their nutritional habits and wrote articles on 'what they eat to win'. He has developed Skin-fold Caliper to measure body fat for the first time for Indians almost 15 years ago. Trained many students who are on top jobs in India and abroad.

Dr Choudhary is ably supported by Dr Adithya Shetty, his old sport medicine student is going to be who accompanied Cinema "Chukde" team and Indian women hockey. Dr Adithya is a well known fitness trainer and former founder to Zela life health clubs. Team is also expected to choose trained nutritionists to join soon. Team is also supported by renowned doctors like Dr Sujeeth kumar and many other advisors from Indian association of Occupational health (AP Branch).

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