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Bhavana Gowri's Bharathanatyam Recital at Shilparamam

Review of Penubolu Bhavana Gowri's Bharathanatyam recital held on June 10th, 2017 at the Shilparamam Amphitheatre-

Bhavana Penubolu' dance recital at Shilparamam on a pleasent Saturday evening was a good presentation of a young performer's talent , abhinaya & energy levels.

Bhavana started her performance with an invocation to lord Ganesha in ragam Hansadhwani and this set the brisk tone of her recital.

Bhavana  then next presented her main piece, a varnam in raagam neelambari. She surprisingly packed tremendous energy in her presentation for a raagam  in Carnatic music  which is usually used to present slow songs and lullabyes. Her jathis in this varnam which depicts the naayaki"s  longing and  praise of lord Muruga or Shivabala  were  the highlight.The varnam also describes the dance of the peacock or mayuri which looked appropriate to invoke the rain gods who were kind enough to pause this evening.

Bhavana's next presentation was a marathi abhang  in bhimpalas a composition of Sant Bhanudasa .She presented this   with a light - classical feel and  a catchy folk tune and it showcased bhavana's versatility in her reprtoire .

Bhavana concluded her recital with a thillana in  Raag shivaranjani and she did full justice to Brisk jathis which are a highlight of the thillana.

Footwork and Abhinaya seems to be Bhavana 's forte and she is an artiste who holds immense  talent and promise .

Bhavana Gowri Bharathanatyam Bhavana Gowri Bharathanatyam Bhavana Gowri Bharathanatyam Bhavana Gowri Bharathanatyam Bhavana Gowri Bharathanatyam