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FICCI Interactive Session with Anurag Sharma and Swati Lakra


Waves of feminism have come and gone, yet nothing has changed, when it comes to women’s safety says FICCI Ladies Organization (FLO), the Women wing of the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), the apex body of industry and commerce in India.

It organized a session inviting experts to speak on the subject. The experts include Director General of Police, Anurag Sharma; Addl Commissioner of Police and SIT, Swati Lakra and IAS, Principal Secretary, TRB, Sunil Sharma. 

Speaking on the occasion, replying to a question on Eve-Teasing as most of the offenders are let out with a nominal fine, both Anurag Sharma, Director General of Police and Swati Lakra, Additional Commissioner of Police informed that to curb eve-teasing, the Telangana Police have made draft proposal “Anti-Eve Teasing” and sent it through State Government to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India for their nod. This proposal was sent in the year 2016. And Telangana Police is persuading the matter with the Central Government and them likely to get its nod in next couple of months. It was the proposal for a stringent punishment for the offenders of eve-teasing. The entire purpose of the proposal was to raise the fine to a minimum of Rs 10,000/- to Rs 15,000/-, which would deter people committing such offences in future, they shared.

The proposal has got a TS cabinet approval. Telangana is the second state in the country to come out with“Anti Eve Teasing Act”. Tamil Nadu is the first state in the country to bring out such a law. The Telangana Police proposal was made on the similar lines of Tamil Nadu, informed Swati Lakra. 

We are expecting a response from the Central Government very soon, Swati Lakra announced.

They were participating in a round table discussion on Women’s Safety organised by FICCI Ladies Organisation(FLO). 200 members of the FLO witnessed experts speak on the subject. 

Participating in the discussion Swati said, there are several laws for women protection in India. You should be aware of them, you must know your laws first, she told the gathering. 

It is not about how many laws you have but, how you implement them makes a lot of difference said Anurag Sharma. Society must change. It is not the fear of punishment, but a social change is required. Mother has maximum impact on the children. Instead of focusing on their daughters what to do and what not do and how to behave etc. let them focus on their sons, he told the women.

It is the just 15 to 20 percent men behave the way they behave. Rest of the men are good. She reminded the quotation of Albert Einstein “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything”

Adding, to what Swati said, Anurag Sharma said 20 percent people do wrong because 80 percent of the population keeps quite. It is your duty. Raise voice against offenders, alinate them, he told the gathering.

Women in police are less than 5 per cent informed Swati Lakra. More and more women are now getting into Police, she said. Women are no way less, they are better than men added Anurag Sharma.

Anurag Sharma, replying to a question agreed that many are misusing Anti Dowry laws.

Earlier welcoming the gathering Kamini Saraf, Chairperson of FLO said “India with its great tradition and culture respects women from the ancient times. Women given the place of Goddess Lakshmi.Today, women are working everywhere, resultantly, they need to move and be at many places. Along with their burgeoning career, there is a growing concern about their safety too. At home, office, stree, a lot of atrocities have happened on them. Enough is enough. We want what we deserve - for us and our daughters – a safer India”.

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re weak because you’re a woman,” Kamini told the gathering.

The session lasted little over two hours, members listened to the experts with raft attention.

The experts shared their points of views, answered many questions put forth by the FLO members. They patiently listened to the suggestions, assured their unstinted support and cooperation to ensure Women’s Safety.

There is a HER in a bit of everyone: FathHER, MotHER, BrotHER. Don’t worship idols only, feel the importance of the living beings too.

The session concluded on hope to see safer society for women.

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