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“Performance Art” in a Moving Bus to Respect Women at JNFAU


Hyderabad, August 22nd, 2017: Smt Ramani Mylavarapu is an artist and is studying final year M.F.A (Painting) in JNAFAU(Jawaharlal Nehru Fine Arts and Architcture University),Masab Tank,Hyderabad. Artist Ramani works on women issues and Gender Issues.

She organized a “performance art” in a moving bus at JNFAU College of Fine Arts and Architecture,Masab tank , Hyderabad.

The Head of the department and faculty of the Painting department encourages the students to work in New Media Art.

To create awareness amongst the public about gender issues and respect to women as co passengers. The moving bus was chosen to highlight the untoward events that are taking place of late in public transport like buses,trains, cars etc . This is an experimental attempt and is completely different from conventional art practice and is first of its kind in Hyderabad.

Traditionally a woman is respected and honoured by treating her as a sister and presenting her with a saree or blouse piece . In this prformance art , the artist draws upon this inspiration to make people “present” the “lady” in the bus with blouse piece and cover her with a shawl highlighting the respect and protection from anti social elements that is due to be given to the lady.