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Miss World Australia 2017 Esma Voloder at The Gaudium School Hyderabad


Hyderabad, December 27th, 2017 : The Gaudium School - a CBSE & IB PYP Candidate School - Hyderabad, hosted a talk by the Miss World Australia 2017, Ms. Esma Voloder on 'Child Rights' at its Kollur Campus for its students, on Wednesday. Also present on the occasion were Dr. Satish Sikha, Global Advisor & Philanthropist; Ms. K. Kirthi Reddy, Director, The Gaudium School; Mr. Sudhakar Reddy, Admin Head and Ms. Hema Surapaneni, Principal, The Gaudium School.

Ms. Esma Voloder emphasised on children knowing their rights and claiming them from the society. Children have the right to adequate standard of survival, development, protection, participation. Speaking on the occasion Ms Esma said, I have been moved by the skit presented by the children to spread awareness about Child Rights, it made me emotional and I burst into tears. There is a need to make every child smile, feel happy and healthy, where ever they are. The message you gave through the skit is so powerful. I am proud of your amazing work. At such an young age, your message is so profound and when you grow up into adults you can positively impact the society. If India is going to be in the hands such understanding young people, the nation's future is definitely bright. These kids have inspired me, they have shown compassion and empathy for the deprived children. This is a highlight of my stay in Hyderabad. Never seen such a large group of children demonstrating on an issue of child rights anywhere in Australia and we can borrow a leaf from these kids and imbibe. Every child has a right to decent life and each one of us has to work towards helping those in world who don't have same opportunities. She exhorted the kids to continue doing the good work, never underestimate what you are doing and the day is not far when the world respects child rights.

We have Ms Esma, here to interact with the children, make them aware of the Child rights and so that they gain inspiration from her work. We at Gaudium believe children should be conversant with their rights, to grow into well rounded individuals and to claim their rightful place as global citizens. This talk is a part of our endeavor to equip our students to face the challenges typical to this generation of Millennials, says Ms. Kirthi Reddy.

Of all the injustices that the world sees, denying basic rights to a child is probably one of the worst and unforgivable. The IB-inquiry of grade 3 at the Gaudium school, ‘Rights and Responsibilities’ focused on how some children are privileged enough to not only have their basic rights but also have all their wants fulfilled while a shockingly large number of children in the world are deprived of their basic needs. The inquiry led them to explore the status of child rights in their locality, wherein they visited the village of Borbatla, which has been adopted by the Gaudium. The students made a note of whether or not the children in the village have the basic amnesties required for education. The inquiry progressed with a research on the status of child rights across various countries of the world which gave an alarming number of seemingly well to do countries where children do not get their rights. Taking another step towards making the children responsible citizens of the world, the Gaudium invited, Miss World Australia (2017) Ms. Esma Voloder who is a Beauty with a purpose ambassador, variety the children’s charity ambassador and bully zero Australia foundation ambassador. Dr. Satish Sikha, a global advisor and philanthropist accompanied and supported our program on child rights. Earlier the students performed a mime which spread awareness to take responsibility of at least one child who is deprived of basic needs. This was done with the understanding that the children can spread awareness and do their part in making the world a better place for the underprivileged and was appreciated by Ms. Voloder. Following this the students of Gaudium interacted with her along with sixty students from the primary government school of Borbatla. This gave the students a picture of the issue of child rights from the global perspective. The school donated a sum of 40000 INR, which was collected as the Gecko fund during the Farmer’s Market through the sale of handmade artifacts by the students, to Ms. Voloder as a support to her contributions as a child rights activist globally.

About Ms Esma Voloder

Ms Voloder was crowned Miss World Australia 2017. She was born in a refugee camp after her parents escaped the Bosnian War and the family then relocated to Australia. She is a Psychology graduate, professional model and is currently working as a criminal profiler in Melbourne.

About Gaudium School

The Gaudium School is a CBSE & IB PYP Candidate School in Hyderabad. The Gaudium Schools share a common philosophy of commitment to high quality, challenging and international education, which they believe is important for our students. The Schoolshelp each child identify and develop his individual tool for real happiness, which he will take beyond the school. The ambience and the infrastructure in placeat the School, help the child to excel and find joy in everything he does.

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