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Change of Guard of FLO and YFLO

Hyderabad, April 24, 2018: The new team takes over at the FLO(FICCI Ladies Organisation) and YFLO(Young FICCI Ladies Organisation) at Change of Guard function held in the city on Tuesday.

Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary and Pinky Reddy, National President of FLO graced as Chief Guest and Guests of Honour.

Addressing the 500 plus gathering Jayesh Ranjan said Government believes in working with partners. 

The response to WE-Hub, an exclusive innovation hub for women got overwhelming response. There was a flow of applications. But, we have space constraints. We can only accommodate 100 or at the most 125. And those who can not be accommodated need not be disappointed. We have been talking to various organisations to facilitate them some how in some possible manner. There are three types of women entrepreneurs applied for space in We Hub. They are early stage Startups, Matured one’s and those who are looking for scale up of operations. He urged FLO and YFLO if they would like to associate with the government and help those women entrepreneurs who may not be accommodated in We Hub. He asked them to organise a Boot Camp a month and also mentor some on one on one basis

This is a landmark year for FLO Hyderabad as one of its member Pinky Reddy has become National President of FLO. It is a matter of great pride for Hyderabad Chapter, said Kamini Saraf, outgoing Chairperson of FLO. 

FICCI FLO Women Achievers Awards 2017-2018 were presented on the occasion to Swati Lakra; Rashi Agarwal, Vaishali Neotia, Meera Shenoy, Rubina Mazhar, Dr. Kavita Daryani Rao, Elahe Hiptoola, Jaahnavi and Dr. Evita Fernandez

Priyanka Ganeriwal Arora takes over as Chairperson of FLO from Kamini Saraf and Vinita Surana, succeeds Sandhya Raju as YFLO Chairperson.

The New Chairperson of FLO, Priyanka Ganeriwal is a Wedding Planner. She founded Weddings N More and handled 300 plus events so far. She has been associated with FLO since 2002. She held several committee positions. She was the head for the national initiative—Women Corporate Director. 

Priyanka believes that every woman is an achiever, juggling multiple roles with panache and finesse. FLO is the perfect forum for us to take this innate potential and inspire them to excel. It is a testimonial to the perseverance, hard work and dedication of our past leaders who have created the ideal platform which is the perfect launch pad for future endeavors.

The new FLO team includes: Interior Designer Sona Chatwani, Senior Vice Chairperson; an independent Psychologist, Professor, Counsellor and Trainer Dr. Smita Sharma Senior Vice Chairperson Event Manager and Wedding Planner Rakhi Kankaria, Secretary; Entrepreneur Arti Hora, Joint Secretary; a Chartered Accountant from Ernst & Young Shubhraa Maheshwari, Treasurer and Educationist, Sangeetha Varma, Joint Treasurer.

Vinita Surana, who takes over the mantle of YFLO as Chairperson is a Wharton School Management Graduate is an Executive Director of Surana Group of companies. She is a serial entrepreneur. She is a founder of, a novel platform that is everything about executive essentials. 

The Team of YFLO comprises of Board Member at NCL Group, Shilpa Datla, Senior Vice Chairperson; Executive Director at Pokarna Ltd, Apurva Jian, Treasurer; Founder & Director of Saisanj Retail Pvt. Ltd, Rekha Somavarapu, Secretary; CEO and Founder of Capture Life Pvt. Ltd, Dr. Namrata Rupani, Joint Treasurer and Director Fortune Art LED Lighting and Wires & Cables, Aditi Srimal, Joint Secretary.

Newly elected Chairperson of FLO, Priyanka Ganeriwal unveiled her theme for the year. Elaborating it, Priyanka Ganeriwal said “each fragment has infinite options and possibilities we look at the obvious, but if we op0en our door to the infinite possibilities and think outside the box then we will be the differentiators and the trend makers. All look at the obvious or the possible way but the idea is to open up to the infinite possibilities and create a new path. The year sessions and speakers will be targeted towards people who understood this concept. This year will be dedicated to making members think that everything has infinite possibilities and making them open the windows and think out of the box”.

Sharing her vision for the year, Vinita Surana, newly sworn in Chairperson of YFLO said, “Ignition to your Intention” will be the theme for the year. If our members have an intention we would like to give the wings, the resources, the learning and development to take your ideas and your life to the next level. The colours used are the Ficci Flo Yflo logo colours and also the Indian national flag colours which signifies pride, honour and the seamless brand integration, she added. 

This undying belief, collaborative spirit and learning programs extended to our members the budding entrepreneurs, the serious professionals, the young women achievers who just need that push from good to great, that push where they can bridge the gap between a life they are living to a life that they aspire to live in their greatest dreams, she said.

Giving a report of the year gone by Kamini Saraf informed that FLO had trained 45 women drivers who are now successfully working for Ola, Uber, and She-Cabs. Also, 35 women trained for security jobs and 15 professional tailors in adopted village Munchintal. The Swayam initiative started bearing fruits, and now has a first success story in Pratibha Kunda and her venture Surendrapuri. We have been successful in creating awareness about Cyber Security related issues among school and college children and covered 6000 students. 700 trees were planted in the name of each speaker and sponsor who supported during the year. 

Notable speakers who graced FLO during the year include His Excellency Venkaiah Naidu, Vice President of India, Maneka Gandhi, Union Minister and many others. The year registered a record number of speaker programs. 

Sandhya Raju and YFLO team presented the activities report for the year.

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