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Petex India 2019 4th Edition by The Hyderabad Canine Club and Hitex


 Hyderabad, November 01, 2019…..The 3 days India’s largest exhibition on the pet care industry kicked off here in the city today at Hitex. Petex India’19, is by far the best of the pet animal kingdom in the country at one place, which no one should miss to visit. It show cases India’s some of the best dogs, cats, birds and fish.

It is featuring some Rare Breeds which include: Anatolian shepherd dog; bullmastiff; Dogo Argentino; Dogue de Bordeaux; mastiff; miniature pinscher; newfoundland black / brown; fox terrier (wire); scottish terrier; dachshund miniature (smooth-haired); rabbit dachshund smooth-haired; akita; chow chow; medoum size spitz brown or black; dalmatian; English setter; American cocker spaniel; bichon frise; lhasa apso; maltese; afghan hound kanni; pashmi and others. Only one dog of its type will be present at the expo.

The other breeds include: belgian shepherd dog (malinois); german shepherd dog double coat; german shepherd dog long and harsh outer coat; anatolian shepherd dog; boxer; bulldog ; bullmastiff; dogo argentino; dogue de bordeaux; fila brasileiro; great dane fawn/brindle ; fox terrier (smooth) ; medoum size spitz brown or black; beagle; whippet; English setter; basset hound

The Indian Breeds include: Caravan hound; kanni; mudhol hound; pashmi; rajapalayam

Asia Africa Oceania Dog Show, HyCan Intl Championship Dog Show; India Grooming Show and FCI Cat Show are all the part of PETEX India 2019.

Asia Africa Oceania Dog Dhow and HyCan Intl Championship Dog Show(HyCan 19) are FCI(World Canine Organisation) regulated Dog Shows. Over 600 dogs of various breeds are participating in competitions and championships adjudged by international judges. It also has Obedience Show.

The show was inaugurated by Ganesh Raman, GM of Hyderabad based Pet Food Company, MARS, which owns brands such as Pedigree, Cesar and Biscrok and Cat Food Whiskar and Sheba. Speaking on the occasion he said once security keepers and watch dogs have become now our companions. More people are seeking the company of dogs now. India is a great market for pets now. The pet food market in India is estimated to be Rs 1800 to 2000crore. India is a home to 2.5 crore pets, of which 2.2crore are dogs and 30 lakh are cats he shared.

The company launched Biscrok, a 15 gram dog biscuit in just Rs 15/- . Lot of people feed human biscuits to dogs. They contain sugar and is not good. So the just launched biscuits are nutritious and provide protein food to dogs, he shared

Opening of the Petex also marked the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of The Hyderabad Canine Club. The show was inaugurated by Dogs walking on the ramp for a very brief period.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. T. Subhash Babu, Founder President of Hyderabad Canine Club said, to mark our silver Jubilee and celebrate the same, we will be gifting a soft toy of our mascot to all exhibitors.

We have instituted HyCan TOP10 Awards for Beagle, Doberman, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever and Labrador.

Pedigree HyCan 19 show features five air conditioned rings. The total area is spread over 100,000sft.

To increase responsible dog ownership and to educate people about the importance and benefits, we are conducting an awareness camp for KCI registered dogs. KCI is Kennel Club of India, a professional body that maintains Dog Breed Standard in India, Dr Subhash Informed.

HCC is the first club in India to own a synthetic turf. This is our long cherished wish. It has become the reality this year with this show. We imported a synthetic turf from China, shared Dr Subhash.

Some of the exhibitors include: ABK Imports Pvt Ltd; Rosario Biotech Ltd; Wahl India; Swati Pentose, Dog O Bow. Over 100 Indian and Global Pet Care companies are showcasing their products such as pet food, nutrition, pharmaceuticals, Grooming products. 50,000 visitors are expected to visit till Sunday.

On the day one Dog Obedience Competition held at Entrance Plaza. Several dogs participated in this. Dogs who followed instructions and obedient were selected and felicitated. Mr John a judge from South Africa judged the competition. Sugandhar was the ring steward. 25 dogs from all over India participated.

Also the opening of the show marked with Grooming Competition organised by Pune based ABK Imports. According to Kushal Pittie of ABK Imports, the organiser, 40 dog groomers from across India participated in the Freestyle of the Competition. Sunny Baid from Mumbai; Sushil Boath from Mumbai and Rajkumar from Bangalore emerged as first three winners. The winners bagged Rs 75,000/-, 50,000/- and 30,000/- cash prize respectively.

The winners were selected on the basis of Symmetry and Balance, Express, Their Appearance before and after and tools that are used.

International Judges Karla Smith and Shannon Tupes from USA judged the winners.

The competitions in Pure Breed was also held in the afternoon. Creative Model Dog Competition will be held on Sunday at 10am. In this Competition, creative skills, colouring of dogs etc will be judged.

On Saturday, ABK Imports is organising a series of Seminars. Some of the topics for these seminars include: How to give Bath, prep before the groom, Grooming classes for Dog Groomers; and Corrective Grooming for the Everyday Pet by Shannon Tupes. Potential Health Problems and how to deal will be handled Karla Smith

The events line up for Saturday and Sunday is as follows

Free Drawing Competition for kids in Hall 1; Dog Grooming Show in Hall 1; Demonstration in Hall 1 & 3; Obedience Competition at Entrance Plaza.

A German Shepard Speciality Show will be held at Fair Park on 2nd and 3rd. Breed Show will be held on 2nd and 3rd November in Hall 1 & 3. Cat Show will be held on Sunday, 3rd November. Feline Convention will be held on 2nd November.

Infomrs Mr. Sambit Mund, General Manager, Business Development, Hitex; Dr. Subhash Babu, President of The Hyderabad Canine Club; Mr.Philip Butt, Honorary Secretary of The Hyderabad Canine Club; Dr. Jiyaul Hoque, National Manager with Pedigree; Mr. Shaquib Pathan of Feline Club of India that this is jointly organized by The Hyderabad Canine Club and Hyderabad International Trade Expositions Ltd(Hitex)

The show showcases 600 plus dogs of more than 50 breeds and some rare breeds both Indian and Foreign. Nearly 200 Cats will also be showcased.

This is the first time The Asia, Africa and Ocean show is organized in India at Hyderabad. It is a truly international show.

PETEX INDIA is the India’s largest exhibition on pet care products and services. The event is a successful platform for national and international pet care companies to showcase their products, interact with customers, peers, veterinarians and experts from the industry, enhance brand awareness and build business collaborations.

This event is also supported by the people for animals and pet practitioners association of Telangana.

Feline Club of India (FCI) has partnered with PETEX INDIA’19 is organising FCI Cat Show. FCI Cat Show will have competitions featuring cats of various breeds adjudged by international judges, cat grooming sessions led by experts and feline convention for cat parents and cat fanciers. Topics in the sessions include cat health and hygiene, breed orientation and Do’s and Dont's of cat care presented by eminent cat care experts.

India is the fastest-growing pet care market in the world. Urbanization, rise in nuclear families, changing perceptions towards pets and pet owners are driving the growth. Pet care market is expected to grow at 13.9% annually to become a $430 million (₹ 2780 million) market by 2020.

With an estimated 2.5 million pets and 600,000 pets being adopted every year, the pet food industry in India shows huge potential. There is an increasing awareness about pet nutrition and pet owners are becoming more conscious about the products they buy. Growth is recorded in all categories including pet food, pet pharmaceuticals, grooming, toys and accessories.

The Petex Show is supported by Pedigree, FCI(Federation of Cynologique Internationale). The Feline Club of India, ABK Imports; NSIC; PetFair Asia, CPF(China (Guangzhou) International Pet Fair 2020 (CPF 2020), OurDogs, Asia Trade, Pet n Vet and Mr. n Mrs. Pet etc. and others.

The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) in English is the World Canine Organization. It is an international federation of a number of national kennel clubs, it is based in Thuin, Belgium. ABK Grooming is a company that provides a comprehensive range of pet grooming and pet salon accessories

Pet Fair Asia is the benchmark exhibition for pet supplies in Asia-Pacific. The event gives significant importance to Asian markets and proposes a wide coverage of the supply chain and sourcing needs. Our Dogs is the world’s only weekly canine newspaper. Pet N Vet and Dogs & Pups are the Magazine partners. is a Business to Business Trading Portal offer Companies platform to promote their products for Worldwide Customers.

Mr. n Mrs. Pet provides one-stop solution for pet lovers helps find a friendly companion. Mr. N Mrs. Pet is a curated marketplace of high-quality breeders and pet service providers. It solves the problem of Discovery & Booking of High-Quality Pets & Pet Services. Its vision is to “Become India’s Most Trustworthy brand for pet buying and In India, dogs are more popular pets than cats, birds, fish, etc. The dog food segment is expected to continue its dominance as the largest revenue contributor, followed by cat and fish food segments. Pet owners are now focusing more on essential food products that enhance the health and wellbeing of pets. In line with this trend, pet care brands are introducing different specialized pet food products that are rich in vitamins, thereby ensuring a high-quality diet for pets. In addition, pet owners are no longer restricting themselves to just buying food for their pets but are now focusing on the overall development of their pets and providing the best environment for their pets.

As the pet care markets in Europe and North America are heading towards saturation, Asia (with potential markets like India) is witnessing the entry of major international pet care brands. A number of Indian brands are rising to the occasion and focus on domestic, Asian market and international markets. Market expansion will depend on the ability of companies to devise effective marketing strategies to attract first-time consumers to the market.

The show will go on for three days and will conclude on Sunday, 3rd November.

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