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Upasana Kamineni Profile

Upasna Kamineni Vice President, Apollo Philanthropy & Executive Director, Apollo Life, Editor BPositive Magazine

Is the eldest daughter of Mr Anil & Shobana Kamineni, who are into the business of Infrastructure, Leisure and Healthcare.

“Educating fellow countrymen on how to remain healthy and avoid being hospitalised might seem a terrible conflict of interest :– especially if you are the granddaughter of Asia’s largest private hospital chain’s founder-chairman Dr. Prathap C. Reddy. But when you realise that these endeavours actually contribute to Apollo Hospitals’ mission of touching a billion lives in a country which desperately needs better healthcare facilities on a much larger scale, one tends to understand Upasna Kamineni better.

What Upasna has built up in a short span away from the public eye is envious: a wellness company “Apollo Life” that strives to make corporate India and school children healthy, wellness centers around the country that reaches this mission to the common man, wellness magazines popular for their practical content, wellness products – more than 100 of them – that make it easier to practice what one preaches, philanthropic initiatives… And to think that Upasna is still only in her mid-20s!

Apollo Life
The services of her company Apollo Life encompass various dimensions of preventive and maintenance care which when combined with Apollo Hospital’s inherent strength in healthcare, present a unique perspective in enriched health. Addressing those mental, emotional, physical and environmental issues that account for most chronic and lifestyle diseases and trying to pre-empt their manifestation into illnesses, is the core objective of Apollo Life.

Wellness Programmes
Taking these dimensions of health to those sectors that really need it, Apollo Life's Corporate Wellness Solutions and School Wellness Programmes along with Wellness Centres in all metros address the issues of stress, diet and nutrition, fitness, safety, environmental and social soundness in the corporate and school environments. The corporates are also rewarded to maintain a healthy workforce through the coveted Apollo-CII Corporate Wellness awards, which literally celebrates the survival of the fittest.

Tele Counselling
Apollo Life recently launched the Apollo M.I.N.D.Line, a tele-counselling psychology helpline service, which offers guidance and extends support to individuals of all ages in finding the right solutions to all their emotional and psychological problems – be it their professional pressures, family troubles, or even a minor personal conflict that they are confronting alone.

Wellness Magazines
B Positive, the national healthy lifestyle magazine she is the editor of, combines health and wellness with a good accent on nutrition and fitness. Its increasing visibility throughout the country and growing popularity attested by a huge subscriber base speaks for itself.

The niche quarterly magazine Apollo Life(of which she is the executive editor) examines medical conditions from a wellness perspective and brings expert studies, news and information specific to each condition.

Wellness Products
The B Positive brand extends to more than 140 wellness and beauty products as well, which are available over the counter at the Apollo pharmacies around the country.

On the professional front, Upasna is currently involved largely in an awareness-building campaign on cervical cancer. Her ceaseless efforts are also visible in other Apollo initiatives such as SACHi (Saving A Child’s Heart Initiative) ,SAHI (Society to Aid the Hearing Impaired) CURE and others that come under the Apollo umbrella. In and out of wards, Upasna spends a large part of her day with children who are being treated at the Apollo Health City, Hyderabad.

Caring for Animals
Upasna’s concern for the society is defined in more ways than one – her association with Blue Cross brought her close to the cause of animals as well. She has an animal farm at her home in Hyderabad — that already houses four rescued tonga horses, eight donkeys and four abused cows rescued from the slaughter, besides others.
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