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Rise Up 2015 - The Largest Sky Lantern Carnival Nation Poster Launch

RISEUP Sky Lantern Fest & Carnival

RISEUP is an initiative to primarily elevate hopes, ignite dreams, and create memories. The initiative supports Women safety & Empowerment through sustainable procedures.

We operate with a belief that thousands of lanterns, released in unison create something beautiful. It celebrates the zest, zeal and zing of the youthful brigade.

We hope that our tradition continues and one day all together as one we will light the sky full of hope for a better day.

Event Attractions:

Kabir's Cafe
Balabhaskar's Talent
Drum Circles

Bandish Fusion
The Local Train
Wide variety of Food & Flea Market Available....

Tired of the usual weekend plans? The same parties, the same malls? Do you want to do something different and mind-blowing this weekend!?

Then here's a question for you,

Picture dark sky, maybe with a sprinkle of stars here and there; hoards of people with their families, friends and loved ones, all faces lit up in the flickering flame of their just-lit lanterns and then... BAM!

Thousands of lanterns in the night sky. Everywhere.

Cut to the smiles of people at the lantern they just flew into the heavens. Sounds like a place you want to be on your event? Join us to watch thousands of lanterns flying high into the air on the 3rd & 4th night of April.

Rs.300 - Dslr registration

Rs.250 - To get a Photograph captured with a lantern by our Professional Photographers

Rules and regulations:

1. Fest opens by 4pm
2. Kids below 13 are not allowed to light lanterns, However if they still light up lanterns with or without parental guidance the organisers shall not be responsible for any mishap.
4. Its mandatory for women to purchase a tiara at the venue and wear it while they are at the venue.
5. White is the dress code for women, however it isn't mandatory (Photographs with white look very good, only out of our experience. Its the individual's choice)
4.Hashtag #riseupfest should be used for images clicked by mobile and uploaded to social media.
5. Dslr cameras or digital cameras excluding the mobile cameras need to be registered.
6. At the Lantern lighting up area strict disciple of forming lines should be maintained.
7. Instructions to light up the lantern should be read, and also the video on how to light up a lantern should be watched from our website before coming to the fest.
7. Personal safety while lighting a lantern is at your own risk.
8. Outside food or beverages are not allowed.
9. Queue must be followed at all times at the ticket counters, coupon counters, food stalls, bar counter, Lantern stalls, and flea stalls.
10. Pass is valid only for a day.
11. Entry inspite of having a pass is at the discretion of the organiser.
12. Strict disciple should be maintained once entering our premises any unruly behaviour will lead to removal of the participant from the venue.
13. Once bought the passes will not be cancelled and refunded.
14. If the event is postponed for any unforeseen reasons like wind conditions, rains etc there would be no refund
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