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Kuch Kuch Locha Hai Press Meet

Kuch Kuch Locha Hai is an upcoming Bollywood Comedy movie directed by Devang Dholakia starring Sunny Leone, Ram Kapoor, Evelyn Sharma and Navdeep Chabbra in lead roles.
Kuch Kuch Locha Hai is a sexy comedy; it is a film about comedy of errors.

Ram Kapoor plays a successful business man named Parvin Patel settled abroad with his wife and children. He is also a huge fan of Bollywood Diva Shanaya played by sunny and wants to meet her. Like it is rightly said when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it, Ram finally gets to meet Sunny Leone after he wins a contest. Sunny Leone meanwhile likes the fact that Pravin Patel is a Gujarati man. She needs someone Gujarati who will mentor her into handling her next difficult role in Bollywood.

Sexy Siren Sunny Leone! With Parvin Patel aka Ram Kapoor ! In his House! All alone! What might happen!!!!

It would actually be quite unfair to unfold and reveal the climax of the film in a synopsis! Suffice to say that it’s a musical merry go round of funny proportions with a feel good feeling in your tummy when you leave the cinema... and all's well that ends well with the entire cast!

Ram Kapoor as Parveen Bhai Popat Bhai Ramnikbhai Sevantibhai Patel

Praveenbhai Popatbhai Ramnikbhai Sevantibhai Patel is the fulcrum of the script and story of ‘Kuch Kuch Locha Hai’ He comes from a proud heritage of Farsan makers and a seller back in India but gets settled in KL and sets up his own minimart - PATEL STORES.

Parveen bhai is a family man but has a secret obsession for the actress Shanaya. His only wish is to meet Shanaya once in his lifetime and that’s what he dreams about day in and day out.
Multi shaded, multi faceted, he is the lead in ‘KUCH KUCH LOCHA HAI!’. He is a Good father, dutiful husband, ideal citizen of a foreign land, quintessential Gujarati, idealistic lover of a fantasy woman, confused liar, and the most endearing character.

Sunny Leone as Shanava

Sunny leone plays the role of a Bollywood super star. She has never been, or wanted to be an untouchable, unreachable Diva. She loves children, loves animals, plays with stray dogs on the road, wears jeans and eats paani puri on the roads... but on the other hand is still a fashionista. She is offered a film where she is supposed to play the role of a Gujrati girl and her director is adamant that she stays with a Gujrati family to get into the skin of the character.

When she meets Praveen Patel in KL, she sees it as a golden opportunity to interact with a Gujarati family, which is where the fun begins. Shanaya, super hot film star, becomes the person who resolves the situations that come up, with all that she has at her disposal. It's a a very Goldie Hawn kind of character... fun loving, impetuous, adventurous, yet large hearted, kind and sensitive.

Evelyn Sharma as Naina
Naina Kapoor is a very pretty and a bubbly Punjabi girl who is a rock star and a music lover. She pretends to be a tomboy but inside she is a woman of Substance. Naina is determined, Vivacious, opportunist and is madly in love with Jigar (her neighbour) and often dreams about being with him happily ever after. Naina is a girl who can go to any extent to be with the love of her life.

Navdeep Chhabra as Jiggv Patel
Jiggy Patel aka Jigarbhai Praveenbhai Popatbhai Patel is just Jiggy. Bom and brought up in two cultures (Gujrati and western). There are two things in his life that are really important. One is his Music and another is Naina (Love of his life). Jiggy has his own band named Jiggy and the jets. He plays his band at school proms, college festivals and local events and is waiting for his big break. He has a curious relationship with his father and we often see them facing off through the film.

Sunny Leone Ram Kapoor Evelyn Sharma Navdeep Chhabra
Director - Devang Dholakia Producer - Mukesh Purohit
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