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Taxi on Mobile launches Empty Taxi Service in Hyderabad

The Largest Inter-City-Taxi Network With A Revolution Introducing "Empty Taxi" "One Way One Pay”

A Revolutionary Experience In "Inter-City-Inter-State" Cab Service From "Taxi On Mobile"

• Taxis On Mobiles-Introduces Revolutionary Service In Inter City Taxi Travel-"Empty Taxi Services".
• "Taxi On Mobile" Is The First In Country To Provide Inter-City Service On "One Way-One Pay Basis"
• "Taxi On Mobile" Service Network Reaches Out To 71 Cities/Towns-The Largest Networks By Any Taxi Services In India
• "Taxi On Mobile" Looks Forward To Achieve More Than 50% Share Of $ 4 Billion "Inter-City Taxi Services" Market In India.
• "Taxi On Mobile'ms A Hyderabad Based Start-Up By Young Entrepreneurs.
• "Taxi On Mobile" -Taxis Are Equipped With Advanced Security Features & Alcohol Detector Test Equipment's.
• The Model Generated Great Revenue In Just One Month Of Its Test Launch.
• Taxi On Mobile- Empty Taxi Model Is Here To Improvise The 88% Of Unorganized Sector Of Cab Service Market.
• More Than 5 Million Passengers Communicate From One City To
Another Through Various Modes Of Transport Daily In India.
• 1 Million People Travel Daily In Taxis.
• 40% Of Them Travel One Way And Pay For Two Way Distance.
• People Travel Across 200+ Cities In India Daily. All These Cities Has Population More Than 2 Lakhs.
• 8 Million Foreign Tourists Visits India Every Year.
• 1200 Million Domestic Tourists Visits Various Places In India Every Year.
• $18 Billion Foreign Exchange Earning From Tourism Every Year.
• Upgradation Of Highways And Expressways Has Made The Taxi Travel More Comfortable And Affordable.
• Inter City Taxi Travel In India Is A Whopping Rs. 4-Billion Market In India

Do we know every day more than 5 Million Indians communicate from one city/town to another city/town by taking various mode of transport, yes when we say travelling from city to city or town to town we always imagine the cramped rooftop of buses with passengers, trains with half of passengers lurking out, jeep taxis with milk cans and passengers often fighting for space and the tiring 2 hours reporting time at the airport for just half an hour flight.

Yes, this horrible images in mind often restricts the businesses to limit itself under prescribed boundaries and the working employees often loses their hard earned money by paying for two way by only using One way, while travelling in a Taxi.
The Experience of travel with a smile is here to change as “Taxi on Mobile" introduces the first of its kind revolution in the Travel Industry-"Empty Taxi"- The services are a first of its kind as cab services market in India has hardly any player to offer the travel to any other city/town at "just one way pay".

The concept define as "pay for what you use" The services is the first of its kind, can be used by just online click or downloading the “Taxi On Mobile App" on your phone.

Empty Taxi offers wide range of benefits like “One way travel-one way pay"-“In cab services like water bottle”, "pre-order food", “Alcohol detection test of the driver" and "advance security feature with negligible violation".

Mr. Yeshwanth Vepachedu (Yash)-A young technocrats and founding director of "Taxi on Mobile” on the occasion of launch of "Empty Taxi" services said " India has one of the highest rate of domestic travellers in the world, more than 5 million people communicate from one city to other daily, there have been various mode of transport but most of them has many hassles like reservations, bookings, crowding, security, waiting time, reporting time, delays, weather, hygiene, food, etc. often making it as an unpleasant experience to travel. More over the travel time, the drop points and the money spend is hardly satisfying", Mr. Yash added "being young technocrats we have taken all these views and have invented this model which is a "revolutionary introduction" in the cramped Cab service market which has no focus towards "inter city/town or regional transport”.

Mr. Yash further said the Empty Taxi Services just require you to pay for the distance travelled and not for the distance which you don’t use, as a regular norm in the travel industry, passenger needs to pay for two way fare, if he is using only one way. "This is one of the most traditional norm" which exist in the industry, breaking up from the norms, we are here introducing- "the best travel experience in the nation, hassle free, convenient and most affordable-"Empty Taxi” Services.

Mr. Uday Jindal-Founder Member of Taxi On Mobile said we at Taxi On Mobile are using an Advance security option were the Id proofs of passenger and the driver is shared across with the server and the proofs are shown once the passenger boards the vehicle, the taxi passengers will share his id proofs with each other and then the vehicle moves to the destination.

Mr. Uday added that "they are lot of Firsts to Our empty taxi services and the passenger who have used our services are extremely happy, we have received great reviews and exceptional testimonials from our customers.
Mr. Yash added that the "Empty Taxi" in its Test Phase has served more than 2 lakh passengers and the passengers were extremely happy with our service, which is quick delivery, advanced security and which required No Waiting time, reporting time, etc. Passengers have shared great testimonials on our Facebook page and this has motivated us to move ahead positively.

Mr. Yash added that "we have achieved great profits and overwhelming revenue from the model and we look forward to capture the major share in the 4 Billion Dollar Market of Inter City Taxi Service. He added that by the end of the year we will also unveil some more innovative models and looks forward to achieve around 50% share in the Inter- City Taxi Service Market in India.
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