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Fun with Cycles at Raahgiri

Hyderabad, June 28.... India has always been rich in culture and tradition. And games have been an integral part of Indian culture. Thanks to Raahgiri, many of the childhood memories have been revived by bring back the forgotten street games back on the 1.2 kms stretch of Bio Diversitya nd Raheja Mind Space Junction road every Sunday.

Raahgiri on Sunday 28th June was special for yet another forgotten childhood street game. Most of us growing up playing with Cycle Tyres. It was great fun running bheind the Cycle Tyre. We used to burn lot of calories running after the cycle tyre.

No matter what, childhood traditional street games will always be arched in our heads. It was in those days, we would see lot of kids on the road, playing till dusk in sand with marbles and sticks in hand. It was these childhood traditional street games which are never seen today. Kids of today are so focused on the internet and playstations that they are rarely seen on the roads playing these crazy games.

What is so interesting is ever since Raahgiri introduced these steet games like marbles, Ashtachemma, Gilli Danda, Spinning Top the construction workers and less previleged around the areas also starting getting involved in the activities along with people of the urban areas and IT folks. For the past couple of weeks it has been a lovely sight to all of them playing without any differntiation.

Really the street games are for all

Raahgiri to celebrate 25the week next week. The people's inaitive which kicked off on 18th January completes 25 weeks next week. Lot of activbities are planned to mark the occasion. People are invited to be part of these celebrations
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