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World Heart Day Celebrations by Innova Children's Heart Hospital, Hyderabad

Innova Children’s Heart Hospital in the presence of Shri. Dr. Charlakola Laxma Reddy garu, Hon’ble Health minister, Govt. of Telangana celebrated World Heart Day with the children recovering from heart surgeries on 29th Sep 2015 in the hospital premises.

Dr. Laxma Reddy garu toured the hospital and Dr. Murthy explained him some of the complex surgeries performed in the hospital.

Health minister interacted with the parents of Aarogyasri patients and blessed the children who are recovering from heart surgeries.

He was happy that Aarogyasri program bringing the happiness to the poor families who are suffering from dreadded diseases and he appreciated Dr. K.S Murthy and Team Innova for their commandable job for curing the children’s heart diseases. Health minister spoke about their initiatives in health reforms to improve the standard of health and sanitation in Telangana state.

Dr. K.S. Murthy, Chief Cardiac Surgeon and Chairman welcomed the gathering. He spoke that the No.1 killer in the world is Cardiovascular diseases accounting for 17.3 million deaths per year. The Cardiovascular diseases are 1. Acquired (due to faulty lifestyle diseases), 2. Infections (Rheumatic valvar heart diseases), 3. Congenital (Birth defects) and 4. Idiopathic (Unknown causes). Cardiovascular diseases are due to faulty lifestyle – bad food habits, stress, smoking and family history. Women are also equally effected with the heart disease.

The year “World Heart Day” theme is “Heart Healthy Environment” to control the pollution which can lead to heart diseases.

Innova Children’s Heart Hospital has been doing commandable job on treatment and prevention of heart diseases in children. So far we have performed more than 8,000 heart surgeries in children and most of them belong to lower socio economic background under Aarogyasri program.

This is the highest number of children’s heart surgeries in combined states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. I am happy to share with you that I have performed 12,000 heart surgeries on babies, largest number in the state and one of the largest in country. The results are on par with best centers in the world.

To prevent Congenital heart disease, mothers should have healthy and vitamin rich diet, avoid harmful drugs, radiation and consanguineous marriages. Children should avoid fatty and fast food, exessive computer games and sedentary habits. They should participate in games; this makes healthy heart for the future. My Hearty Wishes for a Healthy Heart.

Dr. Krishna Kishore Reddy, Cardiologist, Lion. Mr. A. Vijay Kumar and Ln. Dr. Lingamurthy and Dr. Ramaiah garu also spoke on Innova hospital’s services for the poor patients and heart disease in particular.
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