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Green Holi at Raahgiri

Every drop of city water is coming from thousands of miles, please don’t waste.. Raahgirians urge people

Hyderabad, March 20, 2016…..Its pre holi celebrations at Raahgiri and hundreds of Raahgirians have celebrated with their friends and families with organic colours made with turmeric and besan powder.

Powered by Genpact, nearly 2000 people visited Raahgiri on this Sunday and their number is going up as lot of kids have completed their exams.

It’s amazing to see how Genpact powered Raahgiri has adopted many indian festivals and creating awareness on how to celebrate without harming the environment. It was so much fun to participate in all the festivals said Uma Chilakone of the participant.

Genpact powered Raahgiri has become the Hyderabad’s biggest people’s platform. We are introducing new themes based on the world important days, festivals and any other special occasions. Idea is not only to celebrate but also to sensitize the people to not to harm nature for our fun. We asked people to use organic colours and not to waste water … says Abhimanika, Zumba Trainer at Raahgiri.

Raahgiri also started a ‘ share the seat to beat the heat’ campaign to support Car Free Thursday. It’s so hot outside and we see thousands of people walking and waiting in bus stops. We are asking Please show humanity and offer a ride says one of the Raahgiri organisers.

62nd week of Raahgiri has seen huge participation from NGO’s, people. NGO’s like Save Water and Nature (SWAN), Robin Hood army, Sankalp, AmanVedika have participated with their team members. Apollo Hospitals provided water service to support Raahgiri.

Activities powered by Genpact include: Green Holi, Desi Music Band, Bollydazz, Cycling, Zumba, Doodles, street games, kabaddi, tennis, volleyball etc
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