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Chiru's Praja Rajyam Anouncement

At last Chiranjeevi broke the suspense and announced his party's name, agenda and the flag.

The mega public meeting was arranged at Avilala grounds Tirupati. Lakhs of people from all over the state reached Tirupati today morning by trains, busses and other transport. Elaborate arrangements were made to accommodate all the people. High security arrangements were made with about 3000 police force and volunteers. Food and water arrangements and medical facilities were also provided. Ambulances were also kept ready to meet any emergency. Except for minor incidents the meeting went on well as scheduled from the beginning to the end. Before Chiru's arrival cultural programmes were arranged to keep the people happy and quiet. Singer Mano rendered his voice for some patriotic songs.

The meeting was commenced by 5.30 PM with the arrival of Chiranjeevi clad in a white dress. Chiru appeared cool with a smilling face. Soon he greeted the gathering with joining hands. The audience felt happy to see their leader and also responded with 'Jai Chiranjeeva' slogans. Later Chiru commenced his address by extending his gratitude to all the sector of people like youth, women, brothers and sisters, laborers, poor and down trodden, farmers, media, police personnel and all those who have attended the meeting taking all the pains. He thanked and welcomed them.

Beginning his speech, Chiru narrated his life story by saying that he came from a poor family and his father was a police constable. He said that he underwent lot of hardship to study because of poverty in younger part of his life. Now he came up to this stage only because of love and affection of the people for all these 30 years of his film life. The Telugu people have extended their support all these years and now he requested support for his new role as politician. Chiru further said that he has traveled in India and abroad extensively and learnt many things. He thanked the public for their blessings and their immense support has given him strength to join the politics. He also said, "I am not a leader but only a worker"(nenu naayakudini kaadhu sevakudini matrame).He further reiterated, �in Chiru's life there is only a forward movement but not a backward movement�. Therefore he stated that his main aim is to make a �Chirunavvula� Andhra Pradesh. Throughout the speech the audience responded with applause and raise of slogans.

After giving an exited speech Chiranjeevi announced his party's name with a little suspense as "PRAJA RAJYAM', meaning a people's party. He said that his party emerged only because of the wishes of Telugu people and it is apt to name the party �Praja Rajyam�.

Later Chiranjeevi announced the party's agenda as follows in brief.

� Solving farmer's problems.

� Changes in Education system so that the common man can also take up studies.

� Medical facilities in all the villages. Medical facilities within the reach of common man.

� Solving the problems of middle class sector. Creating more facilities.

� Welfare programmes for the employees.

� Women welfare programmes.

� Development plans for the laborers.

� Support to youth.

� Creation of minimum comforts for all.

� Removal of corruption.

� Plans to solve irrigation problems of farmers.

� Discouragement of selling and drinking alcohol.

� Salvation of Naxalism in the state.

� Solving of police personnel's problems, modernization to tackle any type of contingencies.

� Tribal development.

� Praja Rajyam is against selling of Government lands.

� Village development - Providing all facilities in the villages on par with cities.

� Identifying economically backward classes and giving them a helping hand.

� Removal of poverty.

He said that a study will be made on all the above problems with learned and experienced persons and necessary schemes will be evolved. Regarding Telangana issue he stated that it is very sensitive problem and it cannot be solved by him individually. He also stated that priority will be given for development of backward areas in the state.

After completion of the agenda, Chiranjeevi showed the flag on the screen. People felt very happy to see the much awaited structure of the flag. He made a handicapped person to hoist the flag. The design of the flag is in 3 parts - white colour with a green border at the bottom with sun symbol centrally placed with 24 rays emerging. Later he also explained the meaning of the flag.

White: A mixture of several colours for a better and clean administration.

Green: Symbolically for the development of agriculture and farmers problems.

Sun: Represents energy and the yellow colour around it for happiness and 'Chirunavvulu'.

The 24 rays around the sun represents that his party workers will be on 24 hours duty to serve the people.

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