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Hero Aadi 2013 Birthday Celebrations on the sets of Pyar Mein Padipoyane

Lovely Rockstar Aadi and Shanvi starer ‘Pyar Mein Padipoyane’ is taking shape under the direction of Ravi Chavali with K K Radha Mohan as its producer on Sri Satya Sai Arts banner. On the eve of Aadi’s birthday on December 23rd, the first look of the film was revealed at Filmnagar Club in Hyderabad. On the occasion director, producer and the entire unit members offered their birthday wishes to Aadi. On the same morning Aadi celebrated his birthday amid the deaf and dumb children at Aashray and Aakruti at Srinagar Colony in Hyderabad. He also presented a cheque of Rs 1,08,000/- to the director of Aashray and Aakruti institution DPK Babu. This programme was also attended by B Jaya, B A Raju, producer K K Radha Mohan, Sai Kumar, Smt Sai Kumar, executive producer M S Kumar, etc.
On the eve of first look release of ‘Pyar Mein Padipoyane’ producer K K Radha Mohan invited the technicians on to the stage, director Ravi Chavali, cameraman T Surendra Reddy, art director K V rAmana, editor K V Krishna Reddy, executive producer M S Kumar, producer executive Sreenu, co-director Kishore, etc. Later he invited Kasi Vishwanath, Sandhya Janak, Aadi, Shanvi, Chaitanya, Kaushik, Naveen, Mohan, Narsingh, Dialogue King Sai Kumar, Aadi grandfather P J Sharma, producers K Atchi Reddy, K V V Satyanarayana and presented bouquets to all of them.

Producer K K Radha Mohan said, “Our Aadi entered the movie industry saying ‘Prema Kavali’ and introduced himself to a ‘Lovely’ girl and turned ‘Sukumarudu’. Now he is going to appear on screen once again saying ‘Pyar Mein Padipoyane’. We did the first schedule from November 8 to December 6 and started the second schedule on December 16. This schedule will continue nonstop till January 11 with which the talkie part will be completed. Anoop Rubens is rendered wonderful tunes to the film. We are planning to shoot songs in February in beautiful locations. The entire production will be completed by February end.”

Director Ravi Chavali said, “It’s a musical family film with a love story. After watching Aadi performance on sets, I rewrote few scenes freshly and shooting on Aadi. His performance is superb and is sure going to be the main highlight. Anoop is rendering superb music too.”

Cameraman T Surendra Reddy said, “My birthday wishes to Aadi. It’s really nive to work with him. I’ve seen him right from his childhood. He is very disciplined and calm going person. He gets involved with his character and perform accordingly. We are all working very hard for the film. ‘Pyar Mein Padipoyane’ will be a milestone movie for producer Radha Mohan garu. Aadi too will earn good name through this film. Director Ravi Chavali is taking a fantastic film.”

Kasi Vishwanath said, “When Ravi Chavali narrated this story, I knew that it’s going to be a hit film. He is also carving out the film in the same manner. This movie will also be a big hit for Aadi as well. Similarly it’s going to be a huge success for producer Radha Mohan garu too. Anoop is providing wonderful music to the film.”

Editor K V Krishna Reddy said, “This is my first film with Aadi. I saw the rushes after the completion of first schedule. He has done a fantastic job. Aadi will definitely become a good hero.”

Sandhya Janak said, “I’m playing mother to Aadi, who proved himself as a lover boy. I’m working with director Ravi Chavali for the first time. I wish a big success to the film.”

Art director K V Ramana presented a bouquet and wished Aadi on his birthday saying this film would earn a good name to Aadi, director Ravi Chavali and producer Radha Mohan.

P J Sharma said, “This is Aadi 4th birthday as an actor. I wish that he celebrates many more such birthdays. I’m very happy to spend my time with my children saying that Aadi had already fallen in love long time.”

Producer K Atchi Reddy who launched Aadi as hero through ‘Prema Kavali’ film said, “I’m very happy for being part of all four birthdays celebrated by Aadi. Venkat garu recognised Aadi’s acting skills and produced ‘Prema Kavali’ while Aadi proved his worth with it. Soon after that he tasted yet another success with ‘Lovely’ under B Jaya’s direction with senior journalist ‘Superhit’ B A Raju. Producer Radha Mohan is now presenting ‘Pyar Mein Padipoyane’ under the direction of Ravi Chavali. My best wishes to Aadi, who is growing as a favourite hero to all of us.”

Dialogue King Sai Kumar said, “It was Ravi Chavali, who first introduced Aadi to producer Venkat garu. In that manner Aadi captured Ravi’s eyes and now fell into his hands for the film ‘Pyar Mein Padipoyane’. I did ‘Samanyudu’ under his direction. I’m very happy to say that Aadi is doing this film under one such director who dealed ‘Samanyudu’ film excellently. At the same time wonderful technicians like Surendra Reddy, Krishna Reddy, M S Kumar and K V Ramana are working for this film that is being produced by one of the prominent producers Radha Mohan. So I take this opportunity to thank all of them. I also wanted to thank superhit editor B A Raju garu for taking special interest in this film. We are all working for the film like one family. I wish this film to become the best film for Aadi in 2014. I also wish that this new year will be the best year for everyone.”

K V V Satyanarayana said, “Aadi is a very disciplined person as a hero. He has grown to a large extent as hero with these four films. I wish to see him with many more successes in future.”

K V V Satyanarayana’s son K Venu Gopal also offered his birthday wishes to Aadi and announced that he is planning to produce a film with Aadi as hero in 2014.

Heorine Shanvi said, “This is my third film as heroine. I’m very happy to work with Aadi after ‘Lovely’ once again. I wish him to celebrate his birthday every year grandly and reach the height as hero.”

Hero Aadi said, “Although this is my fourth birthday as an actor, I did only three films so far. ‘Pyar Mein Padipoyane’ is my fourth film. This is out and out a romantic film. I will not only appear fresh in this film but my body language will also be very energetic. Director Ravi Chavali gave me lot of freedom to perform coolly. Cameraman Surendra Reddy garu is showing me very handsome in this film. So far we have completed 50% of shooting. Anoop Rubens composed two tunes till now and he is trying his best to give best tunes to the film. He has taken it as a challenge to make the music of this film a big hit. Still photographer Venkatesh shot superb stills. Our publicity designer Anil took extra care and designed the first look of this film. Producer Radha Mohan garu met me during ‘Lovely’ movie making. He is a wonderful person. All my producers are main reasons for my standing in front of you today. 2014 will be the best year for me because I’m coming up with good projects.”

Later Aadi cut the cake amid the film unit and guests while K Atchi Reddy offered him the first piece followed by producer Radha Mohan, B A Raju and heroine Shanvi.

Cast: Aadi, Shanvi, Aali, Kasi Vishwanath, Duvvasi Mohan, Thagubotu Ramesh, Saptagiri, Madhu, Narasimha, Prithvi, Gururaj, Satyakrishna, Ananth, Sandhya Janak, Madhavi Siddam, Vishnu Priya, etc.

Music: Anoop Rubens; Editing: K V Krishna Reddy; Art: K V Ramana; Costume Designer: T manisri; Camera: T Surendra Reddy; Executive Producer: M S kumar; Producer: K K Radha Mohan; Story & direction: Ravi Chavali.
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