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Priya Neemeede Aasaga audio released

Audio of ‘Priya…Neemeede Aasaga…’ starring Prithvi Prasad, Mumtaz and Divya Prathibha was recently released in Hyderabad. Central Minister CH Vidya Sagar Rao graced the audio function and released the first audio CD as well as the trailer. The film is directed by Kishan Raj and jointly produced by Prasad Babu and Madhu Babu with music by Jayanth.

Samudra, who attended the audio function said, “Prithvi Prasad is a good dancer. He turned hero with this film. Songs and trailers are interesting. I’m confident about the success of the film.”

Director Kishan Raj said, “Priya…Neemeede Aasaga…’ is a love story movie mixed with action and entertainment. Jayanth composed good music.”

Ghantadi Krishna, Vijayaranga Raju and Azaad also attended the audio function.