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Great India Films about Air cargo shipments


Oct 27, 2010, Sacramento, California:

To all Indian Film Distributors and exhibitors in USA, Great India Films have come across several instances where our cargo accounts have been used without our permission to ship the film.

Airlines, TSA and US Homeland security considers this as serious felony and you could be imprisoned and/or fined.

We request that you refrain from doing such acts and get a written authorization from us to do the shipments.

While Great India films is the only corporation that has major cargo accounts we are more than happy to provide our cargo details if prior permission is taken.

Also, all these accounts are pre-pay accounts and need to be prepaid. In some cases people have used it and have not paid the freight and airlines contact us to pay the bill. We have simply paid them because if we complain that we have not done the shipment then they will come after you for fraud and forgery.

This is a sincere request for every one to cooperate in this matter.
Press Release by Great India Films LLC as required by airlines.
Copy to Continental airlines, United Airlines, Southwest, American and Delta airlines
Great India Films LLC
Hitex Solutions
Soma -916-496-1921; Sudha -908-787-2933


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Updated on October 28, 2010