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Business Man Piracy Note - Got "John Doe" Order to take legal Action on Antitrust


The makers of Mahesh Babu starrer Businessman have reportedly approached the High Court for a preemptive act to tackle piracy!

RR Movie Makers approached a top lawyer to file a petition in the High Court and Got a ‘John Doe' order, which gives full power to the makers to take legal action against MOVIE PIRATES/WEBSITE OWNERS/USERS WHO DOWNLOADS/WATCHES ONLINE. 

Hari Venkateswara Pictures is working with Joseph Bahgat , A leading Attorney from New Jersey, USA. Filing the 'John Doe' Order in North Brunswick Court 

to control Online Piracy and sending legal notices to illegal downloads/ watches online in USA.

We are taking extra care in eradicating piracy. Cases will be booked on IP addresses of both Uploaders and Downloaders. We will also release all the IP Details/Corresponding Addresses from the ISPs to the media.

Fans and Netigens can report any Pirated audio/video visual content of Businessman to [email protected]
 or [email protected]. You can also submit links online at   https://www.antipiracytool. com/report.html

Updated on January 11, 2012