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Management Lessons from the Superstar Film - Businessman


Hello Jaganji,

Thanks for BM and loved to watch many times. Given below my thoughts on BM film.
Management Lessons from the Superstar Film – Businessman
Many films come and go and few remain unique in the history with some purpose – Businessman falls into the unique category of films. Businessman has given strong message to youth and touched up on humanitarians through simple, lively activities many exposes in our day to day lives.
Businessman film that touches upon the Management principles
Creativity: The critical success factor for any business is to be creative and unique in your way – later others follow. Director Puri narrated the story and screenplay different to routine filmy styles – hero introduction, songs sequence – timing etc. Hero starts getting the bugs from traffic scene, establishes connection with policeman, routes to get connect with a leader, wins the confidence of that leader, grows from a local area to city level and later to National level. Every frame presented in a new look and to ensure you are successful with an idea need to have right resource and there comes Superstar Mahesh selection for the film.
Creativity refers to the phenomenon whereby a person creates something new (a product, a solution, a work of art, a novel, a joke, etc.) that has some kind of value- this clearly reflects in Alex Osborn creativity thinking books and similar creative work was displayed by the director.
Lateral Thinking: It is solving problems through indirect and creative approach and the same will be reflected in many works of Edward De BonoThe hero adopts a lateral thinking approach to reach his goal and attack the opponents – starts in Mumbai, expands network and finally attacks National leader. Through out his journey he goes through lateral approach only, even to control the police officer Nazar, he traps heroine (police office daughter) into love – however later he really gives true love to her dear.
Social Skills: These skills are critical to be successful in Business and they have been portrayed in the film very well through discussions with Brahmaji. People who are very good in technical skills mostly become good employees i.e. students who scores 90+ and limited their skills to their space, ends up their lives as lecturers, teachers, good engineers etc but never become successful businessmen.
Brahmaji says he is working in a phenoyal company and will look for a job for Mahesh, hero informs him that you leave your job and will give him a job and shows him how to earn money – it reflects the strength of social skills, understanding the society, humans and their strengths, weakness.
McCormack book on what they don’t teach you at Harvard Business school focus on the importance of social skills
Trust: In any relationship, No trust = no growth, no successIn recent many interviews it was clearly revealed how much Puri <> Mahesh trusted each other and that trust today is creating wonders at Box office. Where ever trust is developed “THE BEST “comes and this can be clearly seen in Mahesh performance and Puri confidence in narrating the character.
In the film too the Hero-Mahesh wins the Trust of his friend, gangsters, his colony, local leader (shiaji Shinde), heroine, heroine father – all this happens in chronological order and step by step and wins the Delhi leaders confidence. Through superb, splendid performance the trust that fans have on Maheshbabu doubled, tripled through Businessman.
Confidence: is must to win. Hero Maheshbabu right from the first scene to end depicts confidence in every word, walk and style either it is with his friends, villains, police officer, lover and politicians. He adopts WIN-WIN strategy and wins the confidence of everyone               Win Win Scenes – giving double the salary to friend Brahmaji
                                              Giving policemen Ganesh his share of 5k
                                              Giving salaries to local gundas
                                              Clearing off the debts of the colony people
                                              Cleverly erasing the approver of Shivaji Shindae in jail
                                               and it continues…..
To be successful in careers or business, one need to have self confidence and confident on what he believes and with whom he works.
Global: In the Globalization era the business strategy is think globally and act local ie Glocal. The hero knows his AIM which at National level, however he tactfully starts his act at local level and then move to National level.
Philosophy: is knowingly understand by few and unknowingly liked by many. In Businessman in a very casual way what director wants to communicate was done beautifully on how humans reacts when they watch Discovery channel – Lion hunting a lady, praying God scenes, eating fish and heroine kazal tempts to sale arts for huge amount and thrills to take car offered by Maheshbabu.
Every business and businessman will have their own or trust some philosophy and the same will be reflected in their organization policies and contributions towards society.
Final Message….
                           To have a greater impact to the message this should be voiced through right media and right person, Puri selected Businessman film as his media and Superstar Mahesh babu to voice their thoughts – the greater impact to the message came as Mahesh truly believes and follow these concept in his life too.
Aim High, The Sky is the Limit, Be Focus, having burning desire are many Management thoughts we keep hearing in seminars and personality workshops and all these are clearly reflected in Businessman film.
Now Mahesh is not a name, it is a Brand and so the message from his voice is ringing in the minds of youth and storming in the crowds of the public and all “WOODS” For Mahesh and Youth who digest the management principles and follow them “ The Sky is the Limit”.
Thanking you,
Rama Krishna Rao T
Updated on January 30, 2012