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Viswaroopam with Sub-titles


Vishwaroopam with sub-titles

Biggest South Indian budget Viswaroopam is all set to release in North America (US and Canada) on Jan 10th with premiere shows. All US and Canada Tamil and Telugu prints will have English sub-titles.

We also indentified couple of Auro 3D Theaters in US which will be Ear feast and thrilling experience for the audience. We will list Auro 3D theaters along with our schedules.

Viswaroopam is a jaw-dropping $20 million/Rs.100 Cr. budget technical brilliance shot in exotic locations of US, UK, Jordan and parts of India.

BlueSky is really excited to bring this High Tech Visual and Ear feast to North American market!!

To become a part of this great project please feel free to contact…

Srini Unnam
Ph: 732 586 0932
Ph: 510 996 8514
[email protected]

Updated on January 3, 2013