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Viswaroopam USA Premieres Update


Vishwaroopam premieres

All the Physical and Digital prints of Vishwaroopam were dispatched to all the locations for both Tamil and Telugu versions of Vishwaroopam very well in advance. Premiere shows of both the versions will be screened today Jan 24th as planned in all locations. Most of the locations have shows at 8pm local times. Please check respective websites for online ticketing as most of them already opened including premiere shows.

Also special shows with Kamal Haasan will be there as planned for Jan 25th FRI in Big Cinemas, Fremont and Pacific Comms Cinemark, Fremont, CA.

Fremont Big Cinemas show at 8pm on Jan 25th has been sold out within 2 hrs. after opening the booking irrespective of the special ticket price. Additional show at 8:15pm has been added due to this unexpected high demand. Both these shows (8pm and 8:15pm) at Big Cinemas and Pacific Comms Cinemark at 9pm will have Mr. Kamal Haasan and team appearance!

Please don’t come without reservations for these special appearance shows to avoid disappointment!

Press note issued by BlueSky Cinemas, Inc.


Updated on January 24, 2013