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Fake News and Celebrities


Thanks to the internet, we are all connected. The right information today is a valuable currency and even more in the sea of fake news online. The goal of the fake news is to deceive readers, influence views, and shape political opinions. There are many ways that can be used in conveying a convincing lie, but using celebrities in the news is another method that creates sensationalized news. And, most importantly, the news gets a lot of views. In our article, we provide an overview of the latest fake news related to celebrities, including a well-known CEO and two famous Bollywood actors.

CEO of Genesis Casino - The Bonus Loophole and Guide2gambling
The original story was published on, and it explained how thanks to a Bonus loophole, the CEO of Genesis Casino – Peter Newsted was fired. The gist of the story was that after the prominent online casino operator launched their online casino in India, players found a Bonus loophole that allegedly cost the casino up to 46 Million Rupees. New players, because of the loophole, had an even bigger Welcome Offer. We’ll stop here because the entire content of the story is false. The trusted site Guide2gambling has already exposed this false article with the following arguments.

Firstly, the person mentioned in the article as the CEO – Peter Newsted is the same name used for another fake article about yet again CEO of the LeoVegas online casino getting fired. Apart from using the same name as the CEO, they also used the exact headline for the news and pictures of the above-mentioned CEO crying.

Secondly, there’s no Peter Newsted involved as a CEO in LeoVegas or Genesis Casino. In fact, the real CEO is Ariel Reem. He is CEO of Genesis Global Gaming, the company that owns Genesis Casino. They further checked the Linkedin profile of Ariel Reem, which is another proof that Ariel Reem is, in reality, the CEO of Genesis Casino.

Moreover, the other information included in the text is unsurprisingly false. There isn’t an employee called Connor Hayden, which supposedly will be the new CEO of Genesis Casino. Also, the Welcome Offer for new players is wrong, including the free spins, and the minimum deposit players need to deposit to claim the Bonus.

Finally, in the fake story, they used the claim ‘’ without the risk of losing’’ which is another sign that this story is fake. There’s always a chance to lose while you play online casino games because they are after all games of chance. On the other hand, the Genesis Casino is still a reputable casino site that offers great Welcome Bonus and Promotions for their players. They have a wide selection of casino games and exciting space themes. It’s also good to know that they accept payments in Rupees.

In conclusion, don’t believe that every story you read online is true. Actually, it is recommended you check a couple of sources to verify the information provided online. It only takes a couple of google searches to find out if the information is true. Thankfully, there are reliable sites like Guide2gambling that provide correct information and help readers recognize fake news online.

Actor Dilip Kumar and the WhatsApp Viral Message
Unfortunately, the actor was a victim of a death hoax that went viral on WhatsApp. The message stated that the prominent Bollywood actor had died on the 2nd of March in the Lilavati Hospital in Mumba, and it was a tremendous loss for the film industry. The actor famous for The Tragedy King and The First Khan is an acclaimed actor in Bollywood, and he is very much alive. However, he had been several times victim to such false rumors.

Actor Aamir Khan and the Pakistani News Sites
The well-known Bollywood actor Aamir Khan had accused several Pakistani websites that are spreading lies about his film PK and his views on religion. The false quotes range from him, admitting that he stole from a Hindy temple to his personal opinion about the Islamic clergy. The actor received the false news about him seriously and took legal action against the sites with his legal team.

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Updated on April 24, 2020