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FLO Hyderabad Chapter presented FLO National Presidents acknowledgment for its drive RTAE


The outgoing National President of the FICCI Ladies Organization, Ms. Harjinder Kaur, honored and awarded FLO Hyderabad Region and its Chairperson, Ms. Sona Chatwani for an effort called "Interface with Government Best policy intervention for women." The award was bestowed during a National Level Virtual Change of Leadership, where a prospective National President took over from the incumbent President Harjinder Kaur.

The Chapter won the Award for its maiden version of "RTAE — Round Table Ask for Founders," FLO leaders, linking mentors programme. FLO signed MoU with We Hub during the program which took place in January this year to provide incubation funding to FLO's established female entrepreneurs.

Sona Chatwani, Chairperson of FLO Hyderabad Region, discusses the laudable program not only intended to interact with mentors but also cultivate them to be effective woman entrepreneurs and become employment generators.

At the 36th Annual General Virtual Session of FICCI FLO held on Sunday, FLO Hyderabad's Chairperson, Sona Chatwani, while receiving the award said, "I am gratified to select me and Hyderabad Chapter for the Award. Through FLO RTAE Project, we have been able to take a move forward in forming partnerships with WE Hub, Telagana State's incubation entrepreneur incubation ecosystem. These government interfaces provided advanced learning that allowed our members to explore their business projects more in trust.

RTAE has become a knowledge acquisition program that links FLO Entrepreneurs (Women MSMEs, SMEs, Startups and others) with mentors in targeted areas such as Branding, Market Analysis, Mentorship and Handholding, Investment / Angel Dealers, Incubation and Business Networking to assist their participants in their entrepreneurship path, advancement and growth.

The committee of instructors, experts, consultants interacting with 70 plus members of the FLO includes Ms. Deepti Ravula, We Hub 's CEO for start-up and acceleration for existing business and many more.

WE HUB has been working with FLO entrepreneurs as the first incubator for women entrepreneurs in India to enable them to work on their Marketing, Pitching, etc.

The workshop that took place in January received an immense response from the participants. And had consequently produced tremendous effects. The initiative caught the interest of

FLO Chapters across India and thus suited Sona Chatwani for a share of national recognition. FLO is a 36-year-old branch of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), India's top organization for industry and commerce. It is an all-India women's organization with headquarters in New Delhi.
It comprises more than 6,800 women entrepreneurs, academics and company executives. It has 17 pan Indian Chapters. Hyderabad has 715 members and is one of the most colorful groups. It has recruited 116 new leaders in the last year alone.

The agenda for this year's FLO Hyderabad Chapter was: "Reframing Women Empowerment." This year we FLO Hyderabad organized programs on rebooting, reconnecting and reinventing with meaningful events, capacity building workshops and skill development initiatives in line with the motif.

The Virtual change of guard in the local chapter is planned for May 15, where a new successor will succeed Ms. Sona Chatwani.

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Updated on May 12, 2020