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ZEE5 Premiere new episodes of popular original Amrutham Dhitheeyam


Hyderabad, 29th June 2020: ZEE5, India’s largest creator of Original content, with over 100+ Originals across genres and languages, announced the launch of three new episodes of its most popular Telugu Original ‘Amrutham Dhvitheeyam’ on 25th June.

While episode 6 is about how a dengue outbreak in the city makes Amrutha Rao take extreme precautionary measures, episode 7 is about Sanjeevini floating the idea of conducting kitty parties at Amrutha Vilas and episode 8 is about a book launch and how their attempts to recoup their investment only get worse with unimaginable twists and turns!

ZEE5 recently announced a ‘Lockdown Special’ of ‘Amrutham Dhvitheeyam’, a situational comedy of two episodes and viewers loved it given that they could immediately relate to the current scenario of lockdown troubles in a funny way.

Amrutham Dhvitheeyam stars Harshavardhan (Amrutham), LB Sriram (Anji), Sivanarayana (Appaji), and Vasu Inturi (Sarvam).

Amrutham 1 was a popular Telugu TV sitcom in 2001, a huge hit, starring Sivaji Raja, Naresh, Harshavardhan, and Gundu Hanumatha Rao. Two friends, Amrutham and Anji, come up with creative ideas to improve their restaurant business and get rich but fail with hilarious consequences every single time. Sarvam, their loyal but loco man Friday and Appaji their rapacious landlord contributed famously to their comedy of errors and also became extremely popular characters.

6 Years after it began telecast as a weekly sitcom, Amrutham ended its run on Television. Now after 13 years, the show is back as Amrutham Dhvitheeyam. It premiered exclusively on ZEE5 on 25th March and new episodes every month thereafter, produced by Ganga Raju Gunnam.


Updated on June 29, 2020