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Bhageeradha G's 'Bharathamerica' unveiled


 'Bharathamerica', a book written by author Bhageeradha G, chronicles the momentous historical moments since 12th Century. Releasing it, former IAS officer KV Ramanachary praised it and described it as a one-of-its-kind literary work.

"The book's title denotes Bharath and America. It brings out the cultural exchanges between those living in India and the US. He has done the job of a historian in the book. Bhageeradha has been a star in the cultural field in Hyderabad. His talent bloomed during the days of Sri Sri. It's a great thing that he has held his ground over the decades. He revers langauge and literature. I pray that he will make a great name for himself in the world of literature across the globe," Ramanachary said.

Film director SV Krishna Reddy said that he has been amazed by the knowledge of Bhageeradha. "It's wonderful that he has given a lot of information in the book in a language we all can understand. The language is interactive in nature. It feels like an elaborate conversation rather than a book," he added.

Updated on October 10, 2020