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Star Maa Becomes Top Player in India for Pay Entertainment Channel


Hyderabad 17th October: Star Maa has been setting up examples through various programmatic presentations with inspiring stories, audacious reality format, Start stud events and blockbuster movies. It leads the Prime Time viewership with 42% share showing soaps like Vadinammma, Karthika Deepam, Intinti Gruha lakshmi recently launched Devatha and Kasturi. Every story has a tinge of everyday household chores that Telugu viewers can enjoy and relate to it the most.

Star Maa not only gets International formats like Bigg Boss which flaunts the audience with its unique presentation but incubates home grown shows like Sixth Sense and Ishmart Jodi which has created sensational rating history during its telecast.

With Week 40 ratings recently being out, Star Maa stands tall to its commitments to entertain its audience and has become India's most watched entertainment channel dethroning Sun TV. It's good to notice Regional brands becoming the epitome of wholesome entertainment nationally.


Updated on October 18, 2020