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Added on July 18, 2005

A chiseled face with beautiful eyes and lips, a charismatic figure, Rachana, as we all know has gained much of her popularity as an actress from movies like Ninne Premistunnanu, Raayudu. I asked Rachana, why she is not to be seen nowadays. She replied strongly saying that she will be seen a lot more henceforth.

By the by, is it just Rachana ?

Rachana Banerjee.

What are your qualifications ?

I finished my B.A., But I have become an actress now.

Do you have a dream role ?

Until now, all the roles that I have played in my movies have been appreciated by everybody. One should be able to perform any kind of a character.

So, From which place do you hail ?

Iam from Calcutta, Present Kolkatta.

Your parents ?

My mom is Seema Banerjee and my father is R.N.Banerjee.

How many languages have you acted in ?

I've acted in 5 languages.

How many movies have you acted in ?

All languages put together, I have acted in almost 70 movies.

What was your first movie ?

Daan - Pratidaan, a Malayalam movie.

What do you mean by a friend ?

A person whom you can confide in the times of happiness and sorrow.

Very well said. What about love ?

There is no hope for love in this field, love can completely spoil the career.

How are your fan's letters ?

Some letters are very well written. Others are flooded with questions like "Will You Marry Me?" and "I Like you a Lot"
Poor Rachana has to face so many hardships.

Finally, Your date of birth ?

October 2.