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Kalyan Ram - Interview

Added on July 4, 2018

Naa Nuvve staring Kalyan Ram and Tamannah is coming to theatres tomorrow. The actor talks about his film and life in general…

The film releases tomorrow, how do you feel?
I am anxious. I am clueless about how audience will respond to my film. You won’t get to see the regular me here. I would be interested to know if my new avatar will be accepted. There isn’t much change look wise, it is all about my role.

Why this change in kind of roles?
I have always done action films. It was my team who suggested this. They want me to take up new kind of roles. They are of the opinion that I can do romantic roles as well. Also these days kind of films that are releasing are changing. I wanted to do something new.

Any change in your style of acting?
I just followed my director. Also I was calm when I went to sets just like a new students. Everything was new. I learnt new things and honestly no special effort was needed here.

Tell us about your role?
My character is one who houses a lot of ego. It is not easy to impress him as he behaves uncertainly in different occasion. Also he has a unique quality, which I will not elaborate here.

How was it working with Tamannah?
She is a talented actress and has been in the industry for quite some time. She knows what she has to do. Tamannah concentrates on her work and gives her best. We hit off well and I hope are pairing is liked.

What are your expectations from this film?
I am hoping that it does well as I have worked really hard for this one. If it does work I have new arena’s where I can venture.