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Rakul Preet Singh Interview About Manmadhudu 2

Added on August 6, 2019

I portray different emotion in this Manmadhudu 2 says Rakul Preet Singh. She does something which not many girls do these days. We get to see a different Rakul in this film. She tells about her role and more in Manmadhudu 2.


You play a different role here…

I act as Avantika in this film who has different emotions. My character is vital for the film. The story goes topsy turvy with me entering the scene. I am not a subdued woman here.

We get to see you smoking… Will this be accepted?

Yes I smoke in the film. When a man smokes no questions are raised. What’s with a woman smoking? I am open minded in the film and in real life. Life in real is much harsh. It is not as it is shown in the film. We show only little bits in the movies, but in reality it is very bad.

Your heroes are much older than you…

The roles are different and they demand it. If you see these films you will get to know why I am romancing older guys. I really don’t mind doing these roles as long as they are accepted and audience love me in it.

How was it working with Rahul Ravindran?

He is like my brother. We have known each other for years. But on the sets he is my director who knows his work well. I was given a bounded script and asked to get into my role. Since he had spelled out everything for me it was easy to essay this role.

Why are you not trying different women oriented film?

So far no one has offered me such roles. My choice is limited and I will not do any lady oriented film that comes my way. I really need to like the script.

Have you seen Manmadhudu?

Yes I have. It is such a great film with beautiful songs and amazing performances.