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Hemambar Jasti

  • Hemambar Jasti Biography

    Hemambar Jasti is an Indian film director, born in Gudivada on 13th October and raised in an Agricultural family. His Father, Jasti Venkateswararao, and Mother, Jasti Ranganayakamma. He is the youngest child in the family and has an elder sister & two elder brothers. His Graduation was completed in Gudivada ANR college.

    How he became a director:

    Hemambar Jasti ventured into the Telugu film industry after consummation of his Graduation and remained with his uncle, who was a producer for the films, such as Ooruki Monagaadu, Raktha Sindhuram, many more and got influenced to do the films since childhood.

    Hemambar is known for his works primarily in Telugu cinemas as a co-director for blockbuster films such as Rajakumaradu, Okkadu, and numerous films of Mahesh Babu and other actors as well. Hemambar and Mahesh babu’s fellowship is forever as Mahesh would be heading out to promote Hemambar’s upcoming movie.

    He Started co-directing many films under the guidance of Famous directors, namely, K.Ragavendrarao, Jayanth C Paranji, Gunasekhar, Trivikram, Maniratnam, etc.
    Few People thinking that Why he took this much time being a director? He got numerous offers to do the films, but he has been contemplating whether it is a great conception to do a basic story-based film; he dreamed that the first film would have to be the best content-oriented film, that is the reason for this gap. Now, surprisingly, he got an offer to do an incredible film with the best content called C/O Kaadhal in Tamil, a remake of the Telugu film C/O kancharapalem.

    Hemambar’s Journey with C/O Kaadhal:

    How he got an offer to make this film?

    One fine day Hemambar got a call from the producer, M Rajasekar Reddy, and offered him to do the C/O kancharapalem remake in Tamil. Despite they were less acquainted with each other, the producer felt that this movie can only be directed by Hemambar.

    Hemamber accepted the offer to direct the movie and kept all his endeavors in making the film. In this film, the characters of Joseph and Ramamurthy were acted by same persons who acted in the kancharapalem movie. Except, 8 characters, rest all characters were considered from Madurai.

    Hemambar’s first shot at Tamil films was “C/O kaadhal” as a director, this film making was done at Madurai, and took only “37 days” to culminate the movie with no technical extravagance.
    Venkatesh Maha, director of C/O kancharapalem and Hemambar Jasti, director of C/O Kaadhal, are closest companions.

    The elderly supporting actor role acted by “Deepan,” who is a Bharatiraaja’s Muthal Mariyathai’s hero. After 35 years, he again stepped into the film industry. “Hemambar noticed Deepan at the airport of Chennai and thought his look was suited to the role. At that moment, he didn’t know he was an actor earlier. He went to him and asked him if he would act in his movie. He said that he wouldn’t be interested in doing acting now. But, they exchanged mobile numbers, and he followed him for a month before he took him in C/O Kaadhal film.

    Deepan’s appearance turned uniquely for this film. “He has been a little overweight, so the director requested him to lose a bit of weight and also changed his beard and hairstyle. Finally, Deepan agreed to the role, and they started making the film. As he was not into acting for so long, the director conducted a three-month workshop for Deepan to help the actor get acquainted with the role. “He has been managing educational institutions all these years and hasn’t practiced films. Therefore, in terms of technical ability, the director had to explain everything to him and get him updated. And for the remaining actors, it was only 1-month of the workshop. Deepan also supported the director very well and have learned many things from the director.

    “Sonia Giri,” an elderly actress who supports Deepan, the director saw her on Facebook, where she launched a showroom. He believed that she was perfect for this role, so he went to Irinjalakuda, near Thrissur, Kerala, and noticed she is a Keralan politician. As a politician, she thought that if she did the movie, it could have an impact on her political career, but director clearly explained to her and prepared for the film.

    The characters played in the C/O kaadhal film, didn’t know they were making a remake film, and the director didn’t disclose it. Everybody thought they were doing an incipient story. This is the reason why the film C/O kaadhal shot well because most of the players didn’t even know the acting; they were new to the industry. If they knew about the remake, they might have scared whether they were doing the roles exactly like C / O Kancharapalem.

    One of the lead actor in this film is Karthik Ratnam; Ayraa Jain is the leading actress, and the director felt she was the right person for the role.
    The child actress is a Telugu girl, but was born and brought up in Chennai. Despite the film C/O kaadhal is a remake, there were few changes in the movie compared to C/O Kancharapalem.

    The supporting actor role is being played by Vetri, and the actress is Mumtaz Sorcar, daughter of famous Indian magician P.C Sorcar, and who played a prostitute role in the movie. She acted previously in the sister role of heroine in the Telugu film “Guru.” With reverence on the director, she played this role with no amenities.

    C/O Kaadhal film was produced by 3 famous producers, M. Rajasekhar Reddy, Jeevan K, I.B.Karthikeyan under Shri Shirdi Sai movies, and Big print pictures banners. The music for ‘C / O Kadhal’ was composed by Sweekar Agasthi, who was the composer of the original film as well.

    The film was edited by Akkineni Sreekar Prasad, a prominent editor of big films such as Sairaa,Saaho,Bharat Ane Nenu and others. He worked in numerous dialects, such as Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, and accomplished 8 National awards and got included in the Limca Book of Records.

    Hemambar’s Journey with Sreekar prasad emanated from Okkadu Movie to till now and has great reverence on Sreekar Prasad. In light of the amicableness towards Hemambar, he edited the movie C/O Kaadhal and admired the director’s great work.

    After the film making was done, the director invited the renowned distribution head Sakthi Velan and Trident Arts producer, R. Ravindran to watch the C/O Kaadhal movie at one of the Tamilnadu theatres. Sakthi Velan and R. Ravindran made adulation for the endeavors of the director in the wake of watching the film. A couple of days later , Hemambar got a call from Trident Arts producer, R. Ravindran who offered him to direct an incipient film. Hemambar felt very ecstatic about R.Ravindran. The director would therefore be going to do numerous films in the future.


    The film “C/O Kaadhal” will be releasing very soon by Sakthi Film Factory. As we all know, ‘C/O Kancharapalem,’ made on a meager budget with untrained actors, turned out to be an astonishing hit in Telugu. It left a lasting impact on many. Many directors and actors had fallen in love with this movie.

    In the same way, C/O Kaadhal was made, this movie would be connected to everyone’s life, and it would be a successful hit in Tamil as well, like the C/O Kancharapalem.
    Hemambar would like to express gratitude towards M Rajasekhar Reddy, Jeevan K, I.B.Karthikeyan, producers of C/O kaadhal, Editor Sreekar Prasad, Distributor Sakthi Velan, etc.

    Ragalahari is wishing C/O Kaadhal team all the very best and hoping the movie would be a successful hit!!!


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