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Rakta Charitra USA Business Status


Ramgopal Varma Directorial venture "RAKTHA CHARITRA is creating CHARITRA before releasing the movie in USA

Ravi & Suri Fans competing for the Exhibition rights in USA.  Most of the Centers are closed.  Without native big hero in the movie, It is going to release with 28 prints in USA.  This is first time that a movie without native hero which is releasing with this many prints.


Atlanta,GA    First Week    CLOSED
Austin,TX    First Week    CLOSED
Boston,MA    First Week    CLOSED
Cennecticut,CT    First Week    CLOSED
Cary, NC    First Week    CLOSED
Charlett,NC    First Week    CLOSED
Chicago, IL    First Week    CLOSED
Cleveland    First Week    CLOSED
Columbus    First Week    CLOSED
Dallas, TX    First Week    CLOSED
Delaware    First Week    CLOSED
Detroit, MI    First Week    CLOSED
Edison, NJ    First Week    CLOSED
North Bergab, NJFirst Week    CLOSED
Eastwindsor, NJ    First Week    CLOSED
Milwakee    First Week    CLOSED
Msadison    First Week    CLOSED
Peoria            First Week    CLOSED
Los Angeles    First Week    CLOSED
Minneapolis    First Week    CLOSED
Phoenix            First Week    CLOSED
Pittsburg    First Week    CLOSED
San Antonio    First Week    CLOSED
San Jose, CA    First Week    CLOSED
Milpitas, CA    First Week    CLOSED
Fremont, CA    First Week    CLOSED
Seattle            First Week    CLOSED
Virginia    First Week    CLOSED
Richmond    Second Week    CLOSED
Florida                     OPEN
Portland                  OPEN
Memphis                 OPEN
Indianapolis           OPEN
Denver                     OPEN
Kansas City           OPEN
St Louis                  OPEN
Houston                  OPEN

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Satish Vemana: 703-7318367
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Updated on October 18, 2010